4th Grade Peer Mediation Training

Central Elementary School

What is Peer Mediation?

-Is a process developed and implemented by students that enables and empowers the student peer group to creatively resolve conflict with their peers on their own level through the use of a third party mediator.

What is the ROLE of the Peer Mediator?

Our Peer Mediators follow SIX important steps when participating in a Mediation:

  1. The Peer Mediator helps students work together.
  2. The Peer Mediator keeps information confidential.
  3. The Peer Mediator facilitates and follows up on the mediation process.

There are special QUALITIES that our Peer Mediators have at Central School:

  1. A Peer Mediator remains unbiased throughout the mediation process.
  2. A Peer Mediator is an empathetic listener.
  3. A Peer Mediator is respectful.

Small Group Break-Out Activities!

Understanding Conflict

  • Conflict is a natural and necessary part of every day life.
  • Conflict can be handled in both positive or negative ways.
  • Conflict can have either creative or destructive results.
  • Conflict can be a positive force for personal growth and change.

Learning Communication Skills

  • Active Listening - using nonverbal behaviors to show you hear and understand, including tone of voice, eye contact, facial expression, posture, and gestures.
  • Reflective Listening-listening with complete attention to the person speaking and repeating back or paraphrasing in your own words what they just said to you.
  • Clarifying - grasping the essence of the message at both the thinking and feeling level. Focuses on the most important parts of the message.
  • Summarizing- helping the disputant pull together the important elements of the conflict from each disputants point of view.

Wrapping Up!

We had another successful Peer Mediation training year!! We look forward to continuing our training with those students who are interested in learning more about Peer Mediation!