Jacqueline Woodson

One of the Best African-American Writers of This Time

About Jacqueline Woodson

Jacqueline Woodson has won a Margaret A. Edwards Award For Lifetime Achievement, three Newberry Honor Medals, a Coretta Scott King Award, a National Book Award, a Caldecott Medal, and an ALA Notable. Each of her books have won several different awards. She is a very popular author among African-American readers. Jacqueline Woodson writes books for small children, middle scholars, and young adults. Some of her books can be read by adults because of their depth.

Jacqueline Woodson lives in Brooklyn, New York. She mainly writes stories in her free time. Did you know that she finished one of her books in one week, and it only needed a little revision; the next book she wrote after that took four years. Jacqueline has written many books for children and young adults. The books she writes relate to our modern life. In her books If You Come Softly and Hush a black character is shot and killed by white cops. Jacqueline's books are enjoyed by people nationwide.

Books By Jacqueline Woodson

For this project I read:

If You Come Softly

Behind You

The Dear One


If you're thinking of reading any of the books I have read, start with If You Come Softly then go to Behind You.

Common Themes Found In Books By Jacqueline Woodson

A common theme found in these books is that no matter who you are something can and will happen to you. In her book If You Come Softly, one of the main characters, Jeremiah, is shot and killed by white cops. Jeremiah never thought he would be shot and killed before he graduated high school. In the sequel Behind You, the other main character, Ellie, who was dating Jeremiah before he was shot. She never thought that she would date a black boy who would be shot. She never thought that she would be so upset over it. In another one of her books The Dear One, one of the main characters, Rebecca, is pregnant. She never thought she would be pregnant at fifteen. In the last book I read, Hush, the Green family had to move because their lives were in danger. The main character,Toswiah, thought that her family would always live in the same place, and not have to change everything about them.
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Common Character Traits of Jacqueline Woodson Characters

A common character trait in a Jacqueline Woodson character is troubled. In the book If You Come Softly, the two main characters, Ellie and Jeremiah, are both troubled in some way. Ellie is afraid that her mom will abandoned her again. She lives with a troubled life because she constantly has to be cautious about what she says around her mom. Jeremiah is troubled because his parents are divorced and they live right across the street from each other. He prefers to be at his mom's house than his dad's house. But, his dad gets offended if Jeremiah doesn't stay for a few nights. So he has to be cautious about spending equal times at each house. In the book The Dear One, both main characters, Rebecca and Afeni, are troubled as well. Rebecca is troubled because she is pregnant at the age of fifteen. Afeni is troubled because she doesn't have many friends. In the last book I read, Hush, the entire Green family is troubled. They were forced to move and changed everything about themselves.

Usual Sentence Types On A Jacqueline Woodson Page

  • 67% of sentences on a page are simple sentences.
  • 11% of sentences on a page are compound sentences.
  • 18% of sentences on a page are compound sentences.
  • 3% of sentences on a page are compound and complex sentences.
  • 1% of sentences on a page are a different type of sentence.

Usual Sentence Contents On A Jacqueline Woodson

  • 12 sentences start with the subject of the sentence.
  • 2 sentences start with a FANBOYS.
  • 0 sentences start with however, moreover, or in addition.
  • 1 sentence start with a prepositional phrase.
  • 1 sentence starts with an "It-cleft".
  • 0 sentences start with the word "there".

Jacqueline Woodson's Author Style

Jacqueline Woodson likes to start her sentences with the subjects. When she does this it makes the sentences clearer. She mainly sticks to this kind of writing, and does not switch things up. She also mainly uses simple sentences in her books. She rarely uses a mix of compound and complex sentences. I think Jacqueline Woodson favors simple sentences. She uses compound sentences and complex sentences equally.