Ulysses S. Grant

By: Michael Morales & Myles Robertson

Early Years

Ulysses s .Grant was born on April,27,1822 in pleasant point, OH. He went to a military academy from 1839-43. lieutenant, Grant was stationed in St. Louis Missouri were he met he's future wife Julia dent.
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Contribution to civil war

Ulysses S. Grant was the union general for north and led the north in three victory out of five and made general Robert E. lee surrender at the Appomattox courthouse
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Life after the civil war

Grant was elected as the 18th president of The United states. In the time he was the age of 46, the youngest president theretofore. He ratified the 15th amendment and established national park service. He died on July 23, 1855 at the age of 63, buried in New York city. The Ulysses S. Grant memorial is located in Washington, DC 20016
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Interesting Facts

  • Grant narrowly missed Lincolns assassination
  • Both parents witnessed his presidency
  • Grant liked life in the fast lane
  • Grant couldn't stand the sight of blood
  • When he had throat cancer he swabbed his throat with cocaine and became addicted to it.