Tori Snider

I took a self-esteem quiz and one of the few told me that I have a severely low self-esteem, and they also told me that if, without realizing it, I would have passed on the thinking that comes with a low self-esteem to my children. I'm guessing what they mean by low self-esteem is that I don't have much confidence in myself and what I do. I then took another self-esteem quiz and it told me I have a moderate self-esteem. The quiz told me I experience occasional problems in some of my daily activities and it went to tell me a solution saying I should identify particular situations that look difficult and develop lesson plans that teach me about problem-solving methods. I took another quiz and it told me I have 'a well-balanced and realistic sense of self-esteem,' which I think they mean that I have real goals and I know my boundaries so that I don't get too much ahead of myself. Finally one of the last quizzes I took told me about my ability to be rejected and it said that I don't worry too much about being rejected even thought it may cross my mind. I was told that I don't really try too hard to get others to like me. I understand what that means and to me it means that I'm pretty care-free or easygoing with who it is I do or don't hang out with.

Something I notice about teens is that a lot of the time their self-esteem can be really low and they may feel insecure. I notice this low self-esteem on both girls and boys. I feel like teenagers have a low self-esteem because it could be hormones or the fact that they're changing, or it could be the unrealistic expectations society puts on people. Everyone has different ways of thinking about themselves, but lots of the time teenagers seem to put themselves down a lot when they should be lifting themselves up.

For me, I understand my self-esteem and understand that no one has the power to change the way you think of yourself, only I have the power to handle my emotions. The quizzes told me that I have a low self-esteem, but I think I have a good self-esteem.To me self-esteem is all how you think of yourself, my self-esteem isn't too low but its not extremely high.