Words or Actions?

Dont let your words be the bully....

Words Hurt More Than Actions

Have you ever wondered if your words hurt less then actions? Well think again words can make a huge impact on someone's life. If you get beat up or hurt that does not hurt more than words or phrases. So if you got as message on Facebook or any website you use that can affect how they act. If the person you texted had a big test tomorrow they would probably feel less confident about themselves. Or if they have friends who talk a lot they might not even speak to them.

Texts or Punches?

If you get kicked or hurt in some way that only lasts for a day, but words or texts can last for days or even weeks. Once I got bullied in school and it hurt. When I got tripped and kicked in my every day life I started to think, does this hurt more than your friends text? Words are one of the key things that start up emotions. A text would make you sad and less confident. But a kick or punch would make you feel sad for a moment.

Garantted to Hurt the Feelings of Another Person

Every Day Conflicts

Maybe a had a bad day by having a bad grade on a major grade or lost a friend, just that little phrase can turn a life up sidedown.

Think, About Your Choices

So next time think about what you do or say, just one movement or word will change his/her and your life. Think back on the choices you have made, you have been mean in the past or have been bullied don't let these thing change your life. -LifeChanger :)