by Sophie Crowe

What is Hajj?

-Hajj is one of the 5 pillars of Islam

-It is a pilgrimage to Meccah

-It is mandatory for Muslims to do at least once in their life

-It is carried out every year

-It is done to see the places where Islam started and historic places

Ibrahim Abdul-matin

Meccan Call to Prayer -- 16 Feb 2013 by Ibrahim Abdul-matin
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  1. It happens from 8th to 12th of Dhu-al-Hijjah, the last month
  2. 2 million pilgrims come each year
  3. They come from 188 countries
  4. They use 20,760,000 litres of Zamazam water
  5. 45,000 tents are used each year
  6. 18,000 overseeing officers are used
  7. 150 emergency health sites
  8. 5000 security cameras are used around the Ka'abah
  9. 700 kilograms of silk are used to cover the Ka'abah
  10. 770,00 sheep are slaughtered
Hajj Prayer 2011
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Hajj selfies are even being taken now ^^

Preparing for Hajj

You must be of sound mind.

You must be old enough and mature enough to understand the significance.

You must be financially sound enough to pay for yourself

It must be performed solely for Allah

All debts must be settled before leaving on Hajj

You must make efforts to forgive and apologise for all hurt caused in the past

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You must wear white

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