What makes me tick

By Jacob Hughes

My personality

I like to work hard. I thrive on what I can be and if I starting working now on a certain goal, i'll be there in no time. I care about a lot of people. I ask people I don't even know if they're ok when they post a down status. It is just the person I am. I also like to take things apart and find out how they work. I am curious to say the least. When I'm around people at school, I am really talkative, but around my friends outside of school I'm quite and very calm. It's as if my mouth clicks off. I also don't like when people want me to do something the way they would do it. If I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it the way I want to do it. I don't like people telling me what to do. I can learn to use these features to my own advantage to achieve things I want in life. I really enjoy hanging out with friends. Social interaction is always fun. I have pride for where I am from and will not let anyone talk it down.



I am a very secluded person from the people I care about. I do not share my emotions, because I don't feel the need to. They're mine to deal with. I deal with them just fine. Working out keeps everything in check. I also drink a lot of water which helps me with my emotions and stress.


My emotional intelligence is strong in some areas but not is a lot. I can read other people emotions, but I forget to take them in consideration most the time. I know my emotions and know how to mellow myself out back to normal and balanced. I do not cry very easily and I control my anger rather well.

The Importance of Understanding Myself, My Emotions, and My Social/ Emotion Intelligence

It is very important to understand yourself, your emotion, and emotional intelligence. KNowing yourself will let you know what you enjoy doing and how you will do things. It will help you understand why you make a decision and who you will and will not get along with. Understanding your emotions will help you control them. This way you can keep yourself under control during certain situation. UNderstanding your emotional intelligence is necessary for reading people and getting a job. If your emotional intelligence is not good, find what areas you are weak in. You may have to work harder in that area. But it may necessary for teamwork, or something simple as getting a job.