Exploring Medieval Europe

By: Margaret Micka

Feudal System

The picture below depicts the feudal system.

You can think of it as a pyramid, The top of the pyramid is the royal King, the labeled Earls or Barons in the picture are also known as Nobles. The Kings give land to the Nobles and the Nobles become the Kings vassals.

The Nobles might also give some of their land given to Knights, and the Knights so on to Peasants or Serfs.

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The Manor System- system of manorial social and political organization, in the Middle Ages.

Age of Faith

Beautiful Churches were built in the Middle Ages. The Church played a big role in this time period.

Known as the Age of Faith because many people looked to the Church and God for guidance. For example the Serfs and Peasants had close to nothing. The thing that kept them going was their faith and community. The Serfs believed that God had put them in that spot for a reason and they planned to live it out to the fullest.

Catholic Church roles were very organized like the structure of the old Roman government. In the Middle Ages, they had created a system in which all clergy members had a rank. The pope was the supreme head of the Catholic Church. He was assisted by clergymen called cardinals. Cardinals were appointed by the pope and ranked just below him in the Church.

Problems Facing The Catholic Church

Some of the internal problems facing the Church were the Popes were becoming illiterate and couldn't read the prayers. The popes also had questionable morals they were found having families on the side. Lots of the popes were most concerned about land instead of their faith and Church. Lots of them also participated in Simony which was the selling of Church positions.
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The crusades were a religious war between Christians and Muslims for control of “the Holy Land.” A crusade is a war declared by a Pope. The Pope went and told people to fight back for the holy land.

The effects of the crusades were that it increased trade because of all the traveling and people needed supplies. It brought in wealth to the church but after it ended and didn't succeed the Pope was blamed.

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Hundred Year War

It was a war between England and France fought on French land for over a century. When the last King died without an heir England's Edward III claimed the right to the French throne. It was a war that Edward III launched for the throne and it continued on and off from 1337 to 1453. Victory's were passed back and forth between England and French. This war brought an end to medieval Europe society.

The impact that the war had was major. Nationalism broke out in both of the country's. The power of the French monarch increased and the English suffered from a period of struggle and turmoil.

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