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The person I interviewed was my dad. He was originally born in Jamaica but moved to America for a better life. My Untouchable Hero is Nelson Mandela. He spent sixty-seven years of his life fighting for black rights in South Africa. The controversy I chose to write about was the relationship between violence in video games and violence in real life.

Definition Essay

The Webster Dictionary defines the word “hero” as a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities. Much like Superman who saves numerous people in danger. But a hero is much more than that. Through their own actions, true heroes inspire altruistic gestures of other people.

A hero is when someone inspires goodness into other people. Imagine a boy named Drake who helps pick up books for a girl named Jenny. Consider what someone who is walking by and seeing at what's happening is feeling. They are feeling like they want to help someone as well. Because Drake did a simple deed and helped someone picked books it inspired someone else into doing a good thing which can trigger an endless chain of good deeds. Drake is a hero because he inspired goodness into other people.

A hero is a famous sports player who works with the community and does good deeds. James is a quarterback for a professional sports team. James donates a lot of money to charity and helps inner city children with their homework every week. James also fixed his neighbors TV for free and drove four people to their houses since it was raining and they were waiting for the bus. James is a hero because he worked with the community by donating money to charity and helping inner city kids with homework. Also since he works with kids some of them look up to James and it makes them want to be just like him. James also does do good deeds by fixing his neighbors TV for free and driving strangers to their houses because of the bad weather. James helping the community and doing good deeds is an example of a hero.

All in all someone who inspires altruistic gestures of other people is a true hero. Whether they are a football star that is a role model for millions or a middle schooler that does a simple deed, they are both a true hero. While many people go out of their way to help others the ones that carry over that kindness to other people are true heroes. Have you ever been a true hero or been inspired by someone else to be the hero? Overall if you inspire altruistic gestures you are a hero.

Untouchable Hero Essay

Untouchable Hero Essay

A hero is someone who inspires altruistic gestures in other people. My untouchable hero is Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela fought for black rights in South Africa. Nelson Mandela is important because he shows people to never give up and to fight for what’s right. Nelson Mandela is a hero by fighting for political justice and showing perseverance.

Nelson Mandela is a hero because he fought for political justice in South Africa. Mandela saw that even though South Africa’s population mainly consisted of black people, white people where governing the country. In 1961, before the Pan-Africanist Conference in Ethiopia, Mandela stated, “Peace in our country must be considered already broken when a minority government maintains its authority over the majority by force and violence.” Mandela was talking about police brutality to black citizens and how white people were the minority in South Africa, but through police brutality and discrimination they stayed on top. Also when Mandela was twenty-four years old, he opened South Africa’s first black owned law firm with his friend Oliver Tambo. With the power of being president of the ANCYL (African National Congress Youth League) which consisted of college students from Fort Hare, Mandela started the Defiance Campaign. The campaign was about mass noncooperation against the government. Nelson Mandela fought for political injustice by believing in a government that fairly represented the country’s population and by fighting the government that was consisted of all whites.

Nelson Mandela shows characteristics of a hero by showing perseverance. Mandela spent sixty-seven years fighting for the rights of black South African citizens. In those sixty-seven years there were many ups and downs, but mostly downs that Mandela faced. Nelson Mandela spent twenty-seven years of his life in jail. For nine of those years he spent in solitude only getting a weekly thirty minute conversations with his wife. The other eighteen years he spent in jail was full of harvesting seaweed and quarrying limestone. The government refused to let him go to his mother’s funeral or his eldest son’s funeral. The government gave him many opportunities to get out of jail on the conditions that he will follow the government’s rules, but he declined all of the offers. Nelson Mandela shows perseverance by spending twenty-seven years in jail and still fighting for the rights of black South Africans. Nelson Mandela shows altruistic gestures by fighting for what’s right and not giving up, therefore he is a hero.

Nelson Mandela has taught me to not take anything for granted, like my freedom. Nelson Mandela spent twenty-seven years of his life in jail so millions of black South Africans wouldn’t have to. I will now be more involved on Mandela day which is July 18th. Mandela Day only asks for sixty-seven minutes of community service instead of sixty-seven years which is how long Mandela spent fighting for what was right.
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