Colonizing Mars

Should we explore and colonize mars?


Scientists are planing to colonizing the red planet but is it such a good idea? The idea of going to mars has been around for many years. But it could be dangerous because, studies have shone in 1996 that on Allen hills 84001 (a meteor) fossils that came from Mars where found. The only reason to go to Mars is to get FAME. If the U.S. gets there first they will be Feared and Respected. Focusing on problems on earth for example poverty, hunger and war is more important then going to Mars.

Why do people want to explore Mars?

Scientists say they need to go to Mars to unlock the secrets of space. Also it is about discovering what the face is that Viking 1 found.

Going to Mars is dangerous.

  • If anything goes wrong on the mission NASA will not be able to help because the people will be to far a way.
  • It will take 10 months to get to Mars and the gravity affects your bones after a short time by making you week and the radiation can give you cancer.
  • Some scientists believe there are germs on Mars that will kill humans. And if they got on the space ship Earth could be in trouble.

Traveling to Mars will be very expensive.

  • It will cost by lowest estimate 36 billion dollars to travel to Mars.
  • The money to build the technology is going to rise the prices. For example, Going to Mars will be like building 800 more Hover Dams in cost.
  • In addition NASA is a non-profit organization and is only funded 18 billion dollars a year.

Why going to Mars isn't logical

  • NASA will not have the technology to reach mars until at least 2018.
  • Robots can go instead of humans because they don't need oxygen or food.
  • Because all the U.S. wants to do is plant a flag on Mars and get Fame.


Going to Mars is not that great of an idea. so all in all, it is a useless idea right now.
Mars Curiosity Rover Report - Surface Sampling