Mrs. Mack's 2nd Grade Classroom

Weekly Newsletter - Week of 10/17/16

What's Happening This Week!

~ New Library Day: MONDAY! - Our new library check out day will be MONDAY of each week. Flexible checkout is still available throughout the week.

~ STEAM Lab - We are so excited that we get to visit our STEAM Lab here at Willow Creek this week! We hope to post pictures of our experience on our Class Weebly.

~ Class Party Money - Room money for our class parties is being collected at this time. A note from our PTO went home a few weeks ago. Thanks!

~ Author Spotlight - Cynthia Rylant

What are we Learning?

Reading - For our final skill in Fiction, students will compare and contrast traditional literature stories. These may include, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel & Gretal, etc. We will read various versions of these texts and see how they are alike and different. Students will also continue to practice reading texts at their individual skill levels while answering questions about what they read and highlighting evidence in their stories.


Skill: Suffixes (ment, ful, ness, less, ish, able, en)

Trick Words: often, always, once, against, knew, know

Writing - As a class, we wrote a checklist for a good narrative story. This week, students will write, edit, and publish their final Narrative writing piece. Stories will be shared soon!

Math - During our buffer week of math, students will work on telling time to the hour and half hour as well as identifying all of their coins. We will also finish our Real World Experience.

Social Studies - This week begins our unit on "The Economy". Students will learn about needs and wants, goods and services, and how we earn and spend money.

Important Dates to Remember

~ Library Books Due on Mondays (Flexible checkout throughout the week)

~ PTO Box Tops Due, Friday, 10/28

~ End of First Quarter, Friday, 10/28

~ School Improvement Day (NO SCHOOL), Monday, 10/31