Junior Kindergarten Class News

Learning in Mrs. Hannan's Jr.K 1

Fun Halloween Activities

Junior Kindergarten continues to be a fun and excititng. We learned about mammals and shapes while making bats and "shape witches" and we all enjoyed our annual Halloween party. Junior Kindergarten especially loved Halloween cooking activites such as fluffy ghosts, spooky spinders, and witches brew.

Pumpkin Unit

We explored pumpkins by learning how a pumpkin grows and listing products made from pumpkins. We read stories about pumpkins, sorted pumpkins by size, created a pumpkin patch, carved a class jack-o-lantern, and enjoyed making and eating homemade pumpkin bread!

Native American Unit

We are currently learning about Native Americans and thier culture. We learned that they grew corn or "maize" and used all of the parts of corn. We even popped popcorn and painted using real maize. We made totem poles, teepees, and canoes to be used as parts in our Native American scenes and pinch pots to be used during our First Thanksgiving Day Feast!

Future Lessons

We will soon be learning about Pilgrims and the First Thanksgiving. We will compare our Thanksgiving celebration with that of the First Thanksgiving and discuss all of the things for which we are thankful. Finally, we will complete our Native American Unit by participating in an interactive assembly about Native Americans with representatives from the Great Valley Nature Center and having our own First Thanksgiving Day Feast!