The month of love

What does February invoke for you?

Each of us have memories, some joyous, some heartfelt, some that can never be matched. My Dad made Valentines memorable for us girls. It was also our parents anniversary, and our Mom's birthday. When February rolls around it brings back memories on how my Dad made Valentines Day so special, it seemed like the entire month was centered around a feeling of love. A time for our hearts to open.

Dad would take care and time to get us all individual heart shaped boxes of Chocolates while getting Mom the big one we would all share. He would pick out cards for each of us, that just seemed perfect. Whether we could afford it or not, he would make sure we had a special Dinner out to a dinner house to celebrate that day on the 15th we've come to know as Valentines Day.

What kind of special memories do you have around the month of Love? Chocolates, Wine, Roses, Jewelry or just a simple candlelight dinner on a day that says I Love you in a special way. Cupids & Cupcakes or do you break out the Passion oil and retire early?

Make this month the month you open your heart, share the love in your heart with those around you and see what transforms back into your life. doTERRA has shown me that our paychecks from doTERRA are merely the measure of the pleasure we put into the lives of others. We share from the heart first.

Love Rhonda


New to doTERRA

I want to welcome our newest members to our community

Brandie Elkaraki

Taylor Bushman

Rachael Wilson

You are embarking on a fabulous journey whether you entered our bubble to build an empowered life or to learn more about essential oils and their benefits it will begin to make positive changes in your environment. Welsome, enjoy and call upon the person who shared with you about this amazing Company.

Let us know when you have a question, a need or are just curious about how something works. We want to help you maximize your membership.

Love Rhonda you Silver Team Leader

Our Monthly Promos

Looking for change?

Are you seeking some changes in 2020? Have you found your resolutions have already headed for the closet until next year? Don't despair Join our Zoom call for Rank Maker's every Thursday evening at 6:45 pm to learn more about yourself, the skills it requires to be successful in achieving those changes you desire. If you want to impact others, this is the place to start, with yourself.

We collaborate, share and empower one another. Come join a great group of empowering oil users/builders changing the world.

Click this link and find out how others have been changed.



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I AM OILS Community

We are a gathering of like minded souls changing the world, one drop at a time. We share, educate, learn and teach others to live a more fulfilled life. Each Drop makes a difference, Each drop impacts a life. Each drop changes a life!

Saturday, Feb. 1st, 1-4pm

333 North Curry Street

Carson City, NV

FIRST SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH JOIN THE CARSON CITY WINE WALK and receive a unique way to use the oils.

Today we will feature homemade chocolates with essentials oils and samples of Aphrodisiac rollers and sprays.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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