An Alternative After-school Activity

Main Points

SAFETY First stands for Substance Abuse: Fighting for the Education and Treatment of Youth. We strive to keep kids off drugs and alcohol by getting them involved in after school activities. Statistics show that most kids who use these substances are kids who don't have anything to do with their time after school. They result to doing drugs and alcohol. If we can get kids to get involved in sports or music, then they most likely will not get into these harmful substances.

Another way to keep kids away from drugs and alcohol is to teach them about the harmful effects. If they know what these harmful substances can do to their undeveloped minds, they will most likely not be compelled to use them. Drugs and alcohol can cause permanent damage to the brain and it is important for kids to stay away from these things so their brains can fully develop.

SAFETY First After School Program

We have organized an after school program for elementary students in 4th and 5th grade to inform about the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. Our philosophy is that if kids stay busy with other things like extracurricular activities then they will be focused on those things instead of drugs. If they don't have anything to do with their time, then they most likely will try to find other outlets, like drugs and alcohol. If they have things to do, they won't have to turn to these substances.

SAFETY First Conference

Friday, April 19th, 4-6pm

Harlan Community Middle School, Harlan, IA

Harlan, IA

This conference will talk about the schedule and what we will all be doing. We will also talk about the activities and everyone who is helping out will figure out what they will be doing.

The Program

This after school program will last year round, and will include art, cooking, and learning to play musical instruments. Staying involved can give the children a reason to avoid drugs and produce a better future for themselves. Every week on Friday, a featured guest speaker will talk to the children about experience with drugs and alcohol. To keep the children involved, we will include many sport activities, such as:
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Dodgeball
  • Soccer
  • Kickball
Keeping kids involved in these activities will hopefully have a positive effect on their lives and keep them from abusing drugs and alcohol.