Someone Named Eva

By Joan M. Wolf


This book is about a 11 year old girl named Milida who is from Czechoslovakia. One day soldiers showed up in her living room. The next thing she knew her father and older brother Jaro were being taken one direction, as her mother, little sister, grandma and her were being taken somewhere else. All there stuff was thrown in one big pile in the middle of a school gym except her telescope. She was led up to a room, every child in that room had blonde hair and blue eyes. Nazi soldiers started to measure their heads and noses with weird instruments. Milda was sent on a bus with only one other girl. She was sent to a camp were they learned to be responsible little German wives. The only thing she from home was a little pin from her grandma. Will her life ever go back to normal again?

Real Life Facts

  • Ten Lidice children over the age of 1 were selected for "Germanization."
  • Children were kidnapped off the streets and placed in "Retraing Camps."
  • Lidice men and teen boys were taken to a small Horak farm, in groups of ten they were lined up against mattresses and were shot.

Why Will You Like My Book

You will enjoy it if you like history. Also if you like sad stories. It gets you to realize how had the holocaust really was.

Rating and Genrne


Historical fiction