Marijuana's Effects-Kristina Delos Reyes & Jasmine Osborne


Marijuana can be in many classifications like: sedative, hypnotic, stimulant, analgesic, hallucinogen, etc.


Short And Long Term Effects

Short term effect of marijuana include coordination problems, difficulty thinking, memory problems, increased heart rate, and distorted perception. Some long term affects include memory problems, mucus build up, bronchitis, other respiratory problems, and you could possibly eventually get schizophrenia.


Use of the Drug

The Most Common Age that Uses Marijuana

2.4 million Americans 12 and older used marijuana for the first time.


The Harshest Punishment You Can Get From Using Marijuana in Maryland

If you are caught with possession of marijuana, you can face misdemeanor and owe $1,000 in fine


Number of ways Marijuana can be Administered

Rolled and smoked like cigarettes or pipes. It is also mixed in with food, but isn’t very commonly taken that way.


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