Grand Canyon

Everything You'll Need to Experience an Amazing Holiday!


Welcome to the Grand Canyon, one of the most magnificent places in the world. If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in going there! In this booklet is all the information you’ll need to plan you’re perfect holiday in the north of Arizona.

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Hotels and Places to Stay

Sandy Park Lodges ( Part of the Grand Canyon National Park)

If you're with children, this is perfect as in all lodges under 16's stay for free- with a paying adult! The lodges offer amazingly rustic cabins that include cots and wheel chairs ramps to make your stay as convenient as possible. On average, cabins are $130 a night. How can you resist?

The Canyon Plaza

Just outside the National Park, this is more modern than a cabin. Facilities are fantastic, the hotel has it's own restaurant, bar and creche/daycare ( up to age 5). All of this, and for only $100 a night! Remember to make your booking soon, as rooms are like Bunelos flying off the shelves!


Free Ranger Programmes

If you're on a tight budget or with kids, this is the perfect educational activity for all the family. Experienced rangers can guide you through the park and teach you about the nature and history of the park.

Bicycle Rental

For a cheap and cheery way to tour the park, why not hire a bike? As the bikes come in all sizes it's something all the family will enjoy! You can also cycle with a guide. The cafe and visitor centre is right next to the bike rentals so how could you not buy a little something for family back home? And while you're at it, buy a cheeky snack!


People usual come to the Grand Canyon to experience the amazing views. A good way to experience the magnificent views is to experience the scenery is to take a good ol' pony ride! Running through April to October and kids as young as 8 can ride.

If you're looking for a more thrilling way to explore the park, the huge zipwire is a recommendation for you. Rides are run from 10am to 7pm at $12 each.


Park Buses

In the National Park free buses operate ticket free. Bus stops are dotted around the magnificent park. No more late dinners for you!

Taxi Service

A 24/7 taxi service can take you where you want, when you want. Whether you need to get to the park from the airport, or to a nice dinner this makes a journey easy!


Many of the attractions etc can already be for the whole family, which is why this type of holiday is perfect for growing families.

At the Canyon Plaza there is daycare facilities and a cot can be supplied to a suite if you wish. For The disabled there are ramps and elevators.


In Arizon it is usually very hot . Dependingon the area you travel to, the temperature will differ. It is normally in August when the highest temperatures occur.If you can't handle scorching hot days, it recommended you go in a winter holiday or half term.

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Like in many towns, there is a variety of foods. Speciaities of the region is nice juicy oranges, dates, and unbelievably flavourful chillies. Plenty of farmer's markets with amazing local delights including prime grass-fed beef, honey and home-grown vegetables. As New Mexico is a nearby state, lots of Mexican specialities make it's way into Arizona. Such foods include:

-Chimichangas ( deep fried buritos)

-Bunelos ( sweetfried bread, like a donut)

-Sopapilla (sweet fried bread, drizzled with honey)


-Nacho hats! (with guacomole, cheese, or chilli con carne)

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