animal farm

by: megan duncan


Napolean was a selfish and controlling pig because he always thought he was right. one thing he said was "all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others"...which was true because their was certain animals who got special privlages such as the pigs who got to get education and the other animals didnt.
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power corrupts

I think napolean had alot of power over the other animals because he always told them what to do and he thought he was never wrong. So in my oppinon he controlled some of the animals and had power over them.

when Mr.jones left

All the pigs didnt like Mr.jones so they were doing stuff to make him mad and angry. Then finally Mr. jones left because he got really mad of all the stuff the animals were doing. I think this is important because this is when all the animals became in charge of the farm and ran the farm.
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7 condmandments

this is symbolizing the rules and things the animals make to follow by on the farm. This is so all the animals can be equal and hav the same rules to follow by. They write the condmandments on the wall so everyone will remember them. all the animals are soupposed to obey the 7 condmandments.
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