Apple TV

Apple Remote

Learn about your Apple Remote

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How to Update

  • Go to Apple TV Menu
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Software Update
  • Click on Update Software (As your Apple TV updates, it will eventually restart itself. Do not turn off the Apple TV until it displays the Main Menu.)

How to Personalize Menu

Click on the video below to see how you can hide and rearrange icons on the main menu.

How to Connect to Wifi

  • Go to Apple TV menu
  • Click on settings
  • Click Network
  • Select the specific wifi network you want to use (Your mobile device must be on the same network as Apple TV to Airplay.)
  • Type in the password

How to Airplay

  • Swipe up from the bottom of your iPad screen to open your Control Panel
  • Click on Airplay
  • Select the correct Apple TV from list
  • Turn mirroring on

Troubleshooting AirPlay

There are a variety of issues that can cause the AirPlay icon to be missing from the Control Center.

  • Make sure the mobile device is on the same network as the Apple TV.
  • Make sure that the AirPlay option is enabled on the Apple TV. Go to Settings > AirPlay and verify that the AirPlay option is On.
  • If the AirPlay setting was already on, the next thing to try is rebooting your devices. (Mobile Device and Apple TV) After that, the AirPlay option should appear in the Control Center.
  • Further issues can be caused by outdated versions. Make sure your devices are all up to date, including your Apple TV, and iPad/iPhone/MacBook.