Comparison of Colonial Regions

Teale West

New England

Religious dissent was one of the most common reasons people came to America. The economy of New England made shipbuilding, trade, and fishing become leading industries. In 1692, the Salem witch trials resulted when various townspeople were accused of being witches and a number of them were condemned to death. The New England settlers main goal and why it was started was because of the spiritual.

Middle colonies

The middle colonies has more religious pluralism and were more culturally diverse but also depended on both farming and commerce. The larger cities had important ports for shipping products overseas due to waterways, they also benefited from a thriving for trade and forged an economic relationship with Native Americans. The Middle Colonies featured. More diverse population. Due largely to the diversity and tolerance that the Middle colonies tended to offer, the region featured a frontier that was continually pushing west. Merchants were the upper class and sailors, unskilled workers, and come artisans comprised the lower class.

Southern colonies

Jamestown, Virginia was established by a joint stock company called the Virginia company. The first two winters were hard. Bitter cold winters, disease, and starvation killed many of the settlers. The native Americans helped Jamestown to survive. John Rolfe saved the colony when he discovered a new crop called tobacco. He stable crop tobacco and rice led to rise the plantation systems. The southern society tended to be divided between the rich plantation owners, poor farmers, and slaves.