Cambodia, a Different World

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Official Name:

Kingdom of Cambodia

When and how the country formed

Monday, April 22nd 2013 at 12am

When and how was Cambodia formed?

In 350 BCE, people from South Indonesia, South Malaysia, North China and Tibet, met in Indochina and formed a new culture.

The main products of the country

Cambodia produces many products. These are the main ones. Timber, gems, rubber, iron ore, manganese, phosphate and hydro electrical power.


There is about 15,025,000 people in Cambodia

How big the country is

The country of Cambodia is about 69,898 square miles big (181,035 square kilometers big)

Main geographic landforms

Mountains: Dang Raek, Cardamom and Elephant ranges.

Main Rivers: Mekong, Tonle Sab and Bassac.

Names of the citizens and indigenous people

In Cambodia the main group of indigenous people are the Khmer. There still are Khmer living in Cambodia.

Interesting facts!!

1. Rubber is Cambodia's 2nd most important export. But little is used in Cambodian manufacturing.

2. The blue on the Cambodian flag stands for royalty, red represents nation and the white symbol represents Buddhism.

3. The country of cambodia is about 6,000 years year old.


Official language: Khmer

Other: French, Vietnamese

Government and ruler

Hun Sen is the Prime Minister of Cambodia.

Form of government: Constitutional Monarchy


Angkor Wat

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