News for the week of December 16th

Miss Cleasby's 4K News

Holiday/Giving Theme

This week we will introduce a "Holiday/ Giving" Theme! We will be working hard at finishing up a special gift that will be sent home during winter break. Our "Gingerbread Exchange" packages are still arriving daily! We have a few left to open to complete our maps this week. Students will take home the gift they created this Friday. This Friday is also our holiday party. We will make a holiday craft, play holiday games, and sing songs!

Jolly Phonics

Our Jolly Phonics letter of the week is "Q". We learn that letter Q makes the "qu" sound. The action for the "qu" sound is to make a duck's beak with your hands and say /qu/ /qu/ /qu/. See below for the Jolly Phonics "qu" song.

JOLLY PHONICS qu song from Read Australia - Having FUN with phonics

Star of the Week A.M.

Great job as "Star of the Week" Eli! Thanks for showing us your trophy, sparkly rock, and toy cars. Thanks for having your mom come to class to help us make a cool bagel wreath cooking project and reading us some of your favorite books. Super job Eli!

Star of the Week P.M.

Super job as "Star of the Week" Kelsey! Thanks for showing us your stuffed animal bear, baby doll, and baby doll items. Thanks for having your mom and dad visit and show our class your cat Sweetheart!


*This Friday, December 21st is our holiday party. Thanks to all who have volunteered to send items to school or help in the classroom!

* Have a safe, fun, and relaxing winter break! I hope you are able to enjoy time with family and friends. :) See you in January!