Vending Machine Health Issues

By: Chike Esedebe

What is the Problem?

Our school vending machines are the problem. Look at the classic vending machine below, full of candy, chips and fat placed right next to another machine which is full of sodas and sugar and more fat. There is little variety shown here.

What Should we Change?

We can fix this problem by adding more options in our vending machines. There are many in our school that practically have the same thing and that is sweets. We must add and encourage healthy snacks in them such as fruits, Granola Bars, Beef Jerky, etc.

How Should we change it?

We should have a few candy/chip vending machines, a few fruit vending machines and a few integrated ones instead of all of them almost being the same. Also, soda vending machines are very popular, but we should also have one for healthier drinks such as water, vitamin water, orange juice, apple juice, etc.

How will this help?

Having the choice between healthy and unhealthy snacks or drinks should be the student's choice. It wouldn't be fair to only have one kind of vending machine. As a high school student, we are mature enough to decide what we eat or drink and because of that we should have a lot of variety in our vending machines.

Support the Cause

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