Edward Guerrero

Dessert Biome

Dessert Biome



Primary Consumers

*dessert mouse


*small lizards

Secondary Consumers

*large lizards



*dessert fox

*large lizard


Tertiary Consumers


*dessert fox

Parasitic Relationship

Fleas feeding on dessert foxes. The fleas are benefited with food while the foxes suffer

Mutualistic Relationship

An animal will eat a plant and scatter the seed in their feces. The plant benefit from seed dispersal and the animal is benefited with food

Ways humans affect the environment

Positive ways

*humans breed endangered species then release them back into the wild.

*some humans regrow forests that they have destroyed.

Negative ways

*humans hunt and kill lots of species to extinction.

*humans destroy forests and natural resources.

Roles animals play in the ecosystem

1. Dessert plants- dessert plants are producers that provide energy for all animals in the ecosystem.

2. Insects- insects are primary consumers that eat plants and provide energy to secondary consumers.

3. Small lizards- small lizards eat plants and provide energy for secondary consumers.