2X Sponsoring Challenge!

Team Villarreal - September 2013

Sponsor this September!

Starting a team is just a matter of sharing the Stella & Dot love! And this is the month to do it! With our Jumpstart Program and Stack Up Rewards Program working together, not only will your new stylist earn back her investment fast, she will get a TON of free product...you will be on your way to promote a career level..Lead Stylist anyone?

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The Challenge

Let's Double Up!

The challenge is that all of you sponsor 1 new stylist this month, then we can double in size as a team! How exciting is that?!

The Reward

It Pays to Sponsor!

You earn $300 dlls in free product when your new stylist books 2 shows and sells $500 dlls in each with 4 orders! This is for every stylist! Unlimited!

In addition, this will promote you to Lead Stylist when you make your first sale as well!

As an extra, when you have a qualified stylist, you will enter the draw for a Stella & Dot jewelry tote!

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Seal the Deal

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Bring your prospective stylists to bootcamp to seal the deal!

Check out the local bootcamps in your area on my "Sassy September" newsletter or on our Facebook/Whatsapp Groups.

Let's double up team! Happy Sponsoring! Melissa