Computer Services

Why should you service your computer/laptop?

As the warm weather approaches, spare a little thought for your computer sitting under your desk. You probably take it for granted, simply expecting it to be available when you need it most. A little like a car maybe although I am sure you understand the benefits of keeping your vehicle finely tuned.

Statistics say that a staggering 9/10 people have never/would never consider performing maintenance on their system although, similar statistics show that 65% of store bought desktop/laptop computers will fail within 2 years of ownership.

Computers manage thermal duties by pulling cool air into the system (via fans), this air cools down key components like your graphics card, ram (memory) and CPU (processor). The warm air is then expelled through separate vents, this mostly works very well until you bring dust into the mix. Household dust does a great job of clogging up fans and vents, so much so that the huge amounts of heat that gets built up in your system through normal usage will suddenly find no way of escaping efficiently. As a result, your key components start to get very hot and over time will degrade. Typical signs of a system with thermal problems will include:-

1) Computer suddenly shutting down

2) Computer wont boot up after switching off

3) System crashing during playing games

4) Your fans get excessively loud during gaming sessions

Why not give your system a pre summer treat. For £50 I will complete the following service:-

- Collect your system from your home/business address

- Remove all components

- Clean case

- Clean all fans and components

- Reapply thermal compound between the processor and fan

- Check for proper operation of all components

- Reassemble all components

- Virus/Spyware scan plus removal (if necessary)

- Return your system