Davis A&M Family Newsletter

January 11, 2021

Principal's Message

Davis Families,

2021 is finally here! We look forward to our students returning. Hopefully you enjoyed the holiday season. Even though we are starting the new year, the first semester does not begin until February. Attendance in class is very important in January. Teachers are providing time for students to finish their first semester work to make sure they are passing their classes and to work on exciting enrichment projects. More information is below.

If you have questions about any of the announcements below, please call the school at 216.838.2500

In this Newsletter, you will find information about:

  • School Supply & Parent Resource Pick Up (1/13: 1-3:30PM)
  • Rest of Quarter 2: Catch up or Move onto Enrichment Project
  • Parent Advisory Meetings: QTR 2 meeting recording
  • PHASTAR Senior Internships with United Airlines
  • Help Davis: Recommend us to 8th graders
  • Avis Aqua: Student-produced website has launched
  • Teacher Messages
  • College Now Update: Seniors, Submit FAFSA now
  • SAY YES Parent Survey
  • Community Resources & Announcements

School Supply & Parent Resource Pick Up & Technology Swap

When: January, 13th from 1:00 - 3:30 PM

Where: Davis A&M High School, 1440 Lakeside Ave

What: Stop by the school to pick up another round of school supplies AND a fabulous parent resource for digital learning and/or college readiness, and swap out laptops or hotspots if needed.

Catch up & Enrichment for the remainder of Quarter 2

Three weeks remain in Quarter 2 for students to complete incomplete work. Students should focus on assignments worth the most points (which is visible in the 'grades' tab in Schoology.)

Students who complete all Quarter 2 work in a class must still attend class, but will earn the privilege of working independently during that class to:

  • First, improve Quarter 2 grades for other classes and/or work on QTR 1 Incompletes

  • Second, complete an Independent Enrichment Project on a topic of their choice (anime, color theory, drones, making jewelry, music, skateboarding, etc. STUDENTS PICK IT!)

Students will be told by their teachers if they have qualified for this opportunity. Students will also receive an email from Ms. Bowen explaining the next steps.

Quarter 2 Parent Advisory Meeting

Miss the Parent Advisory Meeting? Click here to watch the recording.

What's the purpose of Parent Advisory Meetings? Parent Advisory Meetings are an opportunity for parents to give feedback, express concerns, ask questions, and make suggestions for school improvement. Meeting invites and details are announced through email, text messages, our newsletters, and Instagram. We hope to see and hear from you at our next meeting.

PHASTAR: Senior Student Internships at United Airlines Cleveland

Davis Seniors have the opportunity to intern at United Airlines facility at Cleveland Hopkins Airport as part of the Partnership between United Airlines, Davis, and PHASTAR. This past week, 7 of our Seniors were selected for internship positions. Wish them congratulations on this awesome opportunity.

Help us spread the word about Davis!

We need your help! Right now, Cleveland 8th graders are selecting their high schools for next year. If you recommend Davis and you know someone with an 8th grade student, tell them about us! They can call the school at: 838.2500 or email us at: info@davisam.org. Thank you.

Vistit AVIS AQUA, the Davis Student-produced Website

Want to read about the latest teen fashion trends or get suggestions for Netflix? Wondering how virtual school is impacting students and teachers? Visit our newly launched student website at: aa.davisam.org. You can also get all the latest news about Davis A&M High School from the students' perspective.

Messages from Our Teachers

From Mr. Markusic, our College Now Advisor

Senior Parents: Happy New Year! As we come to round out the first semester, your students should be completely finished with their college applications. If you know your student still has some colleges in mind that they have not applied for, make sure they sign up for a time to work with Mr. Markusic soon!

From January to March, the seniors' college focus will be on finding money. The easiest way to find money is by completing the FAFSA. We are currently at 29% of the senior class submitting the FAFSA, with students receiving an average of $5,445. Our goal as a school is 100% FAFSA completion. Here are a few ways you can submit your FAFSA:

•Complete and submit the FAFSA at home or at a library

•Work on the FAFSA at home or at a library, then have your student submit it with Mr. Markusic so he can look it over

•You can provide students with your FSA ID and income forms (tax return and W-2s) and students can complete the FAFSA with Mr. Markusic.

•You and/or your student can schedule an appointment with Mr. Markusic, College Now advisor, to complete the FAFSA. Mr. Markusic is at Davis Monday-Thursday from 11am-1pm

•Contact College Now’s downtown Resource Center for availability on Saturdays at 216-241-5587.

Mr. Markusic can be reached by email at mmarkusic@collegenowgc.org or by text at 216-507-1768. If you or your student would like to schedule a time to meet with him, you can sign up for a time at www.tinyurl.com/MarkusicDavisAppointments.


Parent/Guardian Survey

If you have not already done so, please complete the Say Yes Parent/Guardian Survey. Davis is a Say Yes school, so we have additional staff and support services to help ensure students graduate and receive assistance with their college application process.

**Complete the survey for a chance to WIN a Visa Gift Card and/or a Grand Prize values at $500!!**

HOW TO TAKE THE SURVEY: Go to: http://cleveland.sytepps.org

You must have your child's student ID number and birthdate to take the survey. Student ID numbers can be found on a student report card, or please see the previous email from us with the ID #.


Connect With Us

*For the latest updates: Follow us on Instagram @therealdavisam

*To receive our school texts, please email LBowen@DavisAM.org with your cell # and your student's name

*To update your address or phone number, please call the school. 216.838.2500


Community Resources & Announcements

Workforce Development Program

Individualized support for job seekers. Explore pathways and guaranteed employment options. Assistance with childcare and transportation are available. Click Here for more information.

Ohio State University Nutritional Program (Online)

Learn to eat healthier and be active on a limited budget. Click here for more information and to register.

Year-Round School Calendar Dates:


  • 11th - School resumes for students
  • 13th - Supply Pick Up & Technology Swap
  • 18th - Martin Luther King Jr. Day - CMSD Schools Closed
  • 29th - End of Quarter 2


  • 15th - Presidents' Day - CMSD Schools Closed


  • March 26th - End of Third marking period
  • March 29-April 2 - Spring Break


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