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About Macron

About Macron

Macron is a leading Italian Sporting apparel company. Macron produces sports wears for those who sweat when they play sports. Macron largely for sports and shares its passion, commitment and joy with athletes who are well-aware with the importance of sports apparel and accessories. Macron produces sports apparels and accessories for professional and amateur teams in football, volleyball, basketball, baseball, running merchandise etc.

In the coming years, Macron will have their sportswear logo displayed on the oxford training kit and around the OXFC stadium. It is expected that this embarks the important extension of the OXFC Club internationally.

OXFC Announces Macron As a Major Sponsor for the Oxford City Football Club, Inc.

Recently, It is heard that The CEO of Oxford City Football Club, Thomas Anthony Guerriero announced renowned Italian Sportswear Company Macron as a major sponsor of the Club. Mr Guerriero stated that now Macron will be covering all the aspects of sportswear such as Kits and apparels of the Oxford City. The brand will be widely covering Oxford City FC, Oxford City Futsal, Oxford City Nomads, Oxford City Basketball, and the two Oxford City FC teams. To this, Thomas Guerriero added that OXFC is an International recognized brand and the club is giving opportunity to the top sponsors to increase the global awareness. Furthermore, he added he is excited about the commitment of the Macron’s to the club as kit and sportswear sponsors and is looking to flourish and mutually benefit each other.

Thomas Anthony Guerriero Oxford City FC