Georgia Scrapbook

Chyanne Jones & Brooke Rider 5/4/16

State Symbols

state bird:brown thrasher

  • also known as toxostoma rufum.
  • The Brown Thrasher is reddish brown with thin dark streaks as an under layer.
  • Its hard to separate male from female.
  • This bird eats insects, berries, nuts, and seeds.

Georgia State Song:
Georgia On My Mind

  • The song was written in 1930.
  • The song wasn't about the state, it was about Carmichael's sister, Georgia.
  • The song was recorded September 15, 1930.

amphibian: Green Tree Frog

  • This frog likes flies, mosquitoes and other small insects.
  • These are small creatures.

Reptile: Gopher Tortoise

  • The gopher tortoise spends most of their time digging burrows in the ground.
  • They can live up to 40 years.

State Flag:
State of Arms

  • 13 stars represent the first 13 colonies.
  • On the seal 3 pillars supporting an arch to represent branches of government
  • the man with his sword drawn represents wisdom,justice,and moderation


  • peanuts lead the nation in exports
  • its ranked 1 of 5 famous cash crops
  • Georgia produces more than half of the peanuts to the united states
  • Georgia grows 99% of all peanuts

Fruit: Peach

  • We are known as the peach state because of our high quality of fruits
  • The peach from Georgia has the best quality, taste, and texture

Vidalia Onion

  • They are named vidalia because thats where they are grown.
  • The world's sweetest onion
  • Became the state vegetable in 1990

Tree: Southern Live Oak

  • The tree is associated with our Georgia history.
  • hurricane resistant

Insect: Honey Bee

  • It was made Georgia's insect because they honey production was going up
  • was announced state insect in 1970s
  • Bee pollution is critical to humans and plant survival

Game Bird: Bobwhite Quail

  • Selected gane bird in 1970
  • This bird lays 10-20 white eggs
  • male- sharply defined white throat patch and eye stripes above eyes

Flower: Cherokee Rose

  • Selected in 1916
  • The flower waxy while with large golden center
  • named after Cherokee Indians
  • 35 million years old

Fish: Large mouth bass

  • active predators
  • selected in 1970
  • also called black bass, green, bigmouth bass

Movies & TV Shows Filmed in Georgia

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries is filmed in Covington Georgia.

based on the series of novels by L.J. Smith

Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf season 1 and 2 was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia

Scott McCall is bitten by a oddly large animal one night causing his best friend, Stiles Stilinski to raise some suspicion.

The Hunger Games Series (Catching Fire, Mockingjay 1 & 2)

Catching Fire: Shooting first took place in and around metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia and then moved to Hawaii

Mockingjay 1 & 2: shooting took place at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta

Ant Man

Ant Man was filmed in Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Fayette County

In 1989, scientist Hank resigns from SHIELD after discovering their attempt to replicate his Ant Man shrinking tech.

Mean Girls 2

Mean Girls 2 was filmed in Atlanta Georgia.

On Jo Mitchell's first day at North Shore High School, she encounters a clique called "The Plastics"

Authors From Georgia

James Dashner

James Dashner is an American writer of speculative fiction, primarily series for children and young adults, such as the Maze Runner series and the young adult fantasy series the 13th Reality

Amber Dermont

Amber Dermont is a Georgian witter with a Bachelor's Degree from Vassar College. She is most commonly known for her novel The Starboard Sea

Philip Lee Williams

Philip is an American novelist, essayist, and poet. He is the winner of many literary awards.

Georgia Song

Georgia On My Mind

Georgia, Georgia

The whole day through

Just an old sweet song

Keeps Georgia on my mind

On my mind

I said Georgia, mmm, Georgia

A song of you

Comes as sweet and clear

As moonlight through the pines

Other arms reach out to me

Other eyes smile tenderly

Still in peaceful dreams I see

The road leads back to you

Oh, Georgia, Georgia

No peace I find

Just an old sweet song, old sweet song

Keeps Georgia on my mind

Oh, just an old sweet song

Keeps Georgia on my mind

There'll always be Georgia

Places in Georgia

My family does a lot of traveling since my step dad loves photography and art. A few of the places we have traveled are; Jekyll Island, Savannah, Senoia, Helen, and Blue Ridge Mountains.

Jekyll Island was okay...A building caught on fire and there were a lot of nats.

Savannah was probably my favorite place to visit because of the convention that was being hosted while we were there.We saw two port-ships almost crash into each other though.

I used to live ten minutes from Downtown Senoia, where they filmed most of TWD, and I would go downtown all the time to eat at Redneck Gourmet and look at the small shops on the street.

Helen is kind of like Senoia with how the buildings and street slope. Helen is a replica of German villages and has a river to go tubing.

And finally the Blue Ridge Mountains, while we were in the Blue Ridge we went snow tubing until our hands and feet where so cold we could barely move them around.

State Government


  • current Governor: Nathan Deal
  • Lieutenant Governor: Casey Cagle


  • two main legislative bodies: House of Representative (180) and Senate(56).
  • state senator: David Perdue

  • Chief Justice Hugh Thompson 1994-2014

Local Government

Executive: |Mayor of Covington: Ronnie Johnston| |County Manager:Leigh Anne Knight|

Legislative: City Council Members: Chris Smith, Hawnethia Williams, Kenneth Morgan, Josh McKelvey, Michael Whatley, Ocie Franklin, Leigh Anne Knight

Judicial: Chief Judge John M. Ott, Judge Horace Johnson, Judge Samuel D. Ozburn