What's up, JABSOM?

Events at UH Med Kaka'ako

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Buy Sweet Somethings from our Sweet Sixteens

The Class of 2016, that is! They're hosting a bake sale this Friday, March 13, in the MEB lobby. (Is it just us, or have there been lots of Friday the 13th's lately?)

Did you see the Dean on Think Tech this week?

An Update on JABSOM with Jerris Hedges
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Safety Session Coming To Kaka'ako Next Month

The UH Cancer Center is hosting and inviting JABSOM to hear from representatives of the Honolulu Police Department, the Sheriff's Office, the Hawai'i Community Development Authority, the Next Step Shelter, and the UH Dept. of Public Safety. They will cover topics that include personal safety, the new cell phone-based RAVE mobile safety notification system that UH Manoa intends to roll out (including at the Kaka'ako campus), and the homeless in the neighborhood. There will be a question and answer session after the speakers have completed their presentations.

The John A. Burns School of Medicine-Attaining Lasting Optimal Health for All, ALOHA.

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