The Harlem Renaissance

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Famous City Under Bright Lights

New York City is where it all started. Jazz was the sound of Harlem Renaissance music! The jazz music was loud and syncopated, performed by artists such as Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Chick Webb, and other notorious artists. Nightclubs like the Savoy Ballroom, Apollo Theater, and the Cotton Club were perfect venues to display the intimacy of jazz in the Roaring Twenties, playing the famous music with blaring trumpets and saxophones, catchy drumbeats, and raspy voices.

Nights Out on The Town

The Roaring 20's

While alcohol was illegal, at the fancy Cotton Club, people grouped together, secretly drank and listened to the great Jazz performers who made this era the Jazz Age. "Jazz is a heartbeat" said Langston Hughes who wrote many songs and poems in this era and he wanted to "highlight concerns and challenges that African Americans faced during this time period.

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The Jazz Age of the 1920's