Office of Special Education

May 5, 2020


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Virtual IEP Meetings

First and foremost, we hope you and your family are feeling healthy, safe, and cared for during these unprecedented times. As you are aware, Governor Baker recently extended the school closure across the state for the duration of the school year. Your child's IEP may have already expired or it is soon to expire over the next few weeks. We want to reassure you that all IEPs are in place, even if they have expired, until a new IEP is proposed and accepted.

While we recognize that we will not be able to catch up and hold all of the IEP Team meetings we would have held between March and June, we are starting to prioritize, schedule, and hold as many as we can. These meetings will be held virtually with the option of participating by video or by phone. The notices to inform you of your consent for virtual meetings are below and will also be sent to you when the IEP meeting date and time are confirmed.

Notice Regarding Virtual Meetings- ENGLISH

Notice Regarding Virtual Meetings- SPANISH

Notice Regarding Virtual Meetings- PORTUGUESE

You Will Be Receiving IEP Paperwork via Email

What you need to know...

  • The email will come from a no-reply@frontline email address.
  • You will need to enter a password to access the IEP document.
  • The password will expire 48 hours after the email is sent so if you are not able to review the document within that time frame, you will need to email your support staff person for your school and ask that they re-send it to you.
  • A sample of the message you will receive is below.

You have a document waiting for your review and signature. Please note, IEP’s require you to check the boxes, and add your signature and date on the last two pages of the document

(IEP 8 & PL1). Please use the link below and submit the access code. The access code is the name of the city and the first three letters of your child’s first name

(example: FraminghamABC). This link will expire within 48 hours.

CLICK below to watch the Parent Overview Video