Feeding Picky Eaters

Cassidy Helms

Let them feel in conrtol

Your job as a parent is to create nutritious food and serve it creatively. Let the kids do the rest (how much they eat, when they eat, and if they eat).

Offer a nibble tray

Toddlers like to graze on food, so instead of letting them choose bad foods, offer them a good, healthy snack tray.

Dip it

Young children think dipping food in a tasty dip is pure fun.

Spread it

Toddlers love smearing things. teach them how to do so with a butter knife and let them feel mature and in control.

Top it

Toddlers are into toppings. Putting nutritious snacks on top of a not so desirable food makes it much more appetizing.

Drink it

If your picky eater would rather drink it, then make smoothies with healthy mixtures

Cut it

Make the food cool looking with cutters to make it more fun for the child to consume.

Veggie vendor

Plant a garden with your child, help them care for the plants, wash them, etc. to make eating it much more interesting.

Share it

invite a friend who you know "likes to eat." Your child will catch on.

Let them cook

Letting your little one help cook with let them feel mature and let it be much more interesting to eat.
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