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Tuesday, Sep. 23rd, 2:45pm-7:30am

Room #305

Impact Aid forms will go home on Tuesday the 23rd. Please make sure to fill it out completely and return it to school bright and early on Wednesday the 24th. I will be giving the class an incentive when we reach 100% participation (submission). Our goal is to reach 100% by Wednesday morning. These forms are very important in regards to school funding.

I have included pictures below so you can see which sections require attention. Please don't forget section 4 (not pictured) which simply requires a signature and date.

Help me earn 100% submission of correctly completed forms.

Curriculum Highlights


Unit 01, place value, ended Tuesday with a Unit 01 math test. I will be keeping these math tests for a little while to analyze the results and guide my intervention time accordingly. When you receive the test, please take time to notice the level of difficulty and rigor compared to second grade. In the last newsletter I informed you that math has undergone some reconstruction; these changes will become very apparent when you receive the test.

Unit 02 Addition and Subtraction (REVAMPED)

Don't let the title of the unit fool you. This is not the addition and subtraction you are used to.

Unit Overview

  • Students are expected to build an understanding of why estimation is an important tool for everyday experiences.
  • Number lines and place value are used to round numbers to the nearest 10 or 100.
  • Students are expected to analyze numbers in a problem situation to determine which estimation strategy to use (rounding or compatible numbers).
  • Students should be able to justify the reasonableness of their solutions.
  • Addition and subtraction skills are advanced through solving one-­ and two-­step problem situations that promote the use of place value, properties of operations, and the examination of different representations of the solution process. (In other words, students will need to analyze an addition or subtraction problem that has already been solved using different algorithms, or problem solving methods, and determine which problem solving method was the correct representation.)

Underdeveloped Concepts:

  • Some students may think if two numbers are composed of the same digits, they have the same value. (This was very apparent while practicing comparing numbers in unit 01).
  • Some students may think the total value of a number changes when the number is represented differently. (example: 10-5= vs. 10-3-2=)
  • When comparing numbers some students focus on the digit rather than the value. Given the following number, 13,769, some student would determine that the digit with the greatest value is 9 rather than 1. Rather than comparing the place value, he/she is comparing the digit.

Language Arts

Word Study/Spelling words

I'm so excited about a word study program called Words Their Way. This program helps determine the spelling patterns students have mastered and which need some practice. Starting today you will no longer see the usual spelling words. The class will be taking a spelling test made up of 20 words to help me determine their level. Once I've scored each test and determined everyone's level all students will receive their own word list. Each word list will take over 1 week to study and work with. Please look for the letter that provides you more information in regards to weekly activities students should complete for homework.

Reading Strategy- This week we have discussed a "Fix Up" strategy. Our conversations have consisted of different situations in which someone's understanding may be interrupted during reading and several strategies to apply during these times.

Reading/Writing- In reading we are continuing our study on elements of fiction books. We will continue working with plot mountains and recognizing where different parts of the story fit on the plot mountain.

In writing, students practiced choosing one item from their list of topics to write about. They were challenged to write and share a short story as well as providing positive feedback to student writer's who participated in the Author's chair this week?


In science we are continuing to explore properties of matter with a focus on sink/float, magnetism, and classifying objects. Students will rotate through different stations to explore these concepts.

Campus Events-

Early Release

Thursday, Sep. 25th, 12:45pm

5402 White Rock Dr

Killeen, TX

Please plan transportation accordingly.

Fall Picture Day

Friday, Sep. 26th, 12am

5402 White Rock Dr

Killeen, TX

Wear your beautifulest smile for our fall pictures!

Classroom dates to remember

SMI testing: 9-22

SRI testing: 9-23

Library: 9-24

Administrator's Angle

-On occasion, administrator's will be asked to share their professional opinion and experience about specific topics that can have an effect on your child's success.

This week: Meet Mrs. Richardson!

How important is attendance and timeliness?

Greetings Parents,

This week’s topic is ATTENDANCE

Students are recognized for perfect attendance at Timber Ridge ES. There are times when students have to miss out on learning due to a doctor’s appointment and/or illness. This is understandable and can be excused with proper documentation. If these absences add up, so does the learning the student has missed. When students are late arriving to school, or checked out early, those minutes add up to hours. The math looks like this:

15 minutes x 3 days a week= 45 minutes per week. 45 minutes x 9 weeks= 6 hours & 45 minutes in a grading period. These should be kept to a minimum. Chronic absenteeism increases the achievement gap at the elementary, middle school and high school levels. Student achievement is closely tied to engagement, and there isn’t any engagement if students are not present. It is important that students are in school each day. Every minute counts!

I look forward to a healthy school year for you and your family.


Mrs. Richardson,

Assistant Principal



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