Improving Memory

Sara Gallin

There are always more ways/ time to improve memory!

Strategy 1: Taking care of yourself

  • Eat well, hydrate, sleep, manage stress, and limit alcohol and drug use (yes, that means caffeine), and exercise

    • all these will help your short term memory

  • Ex: It's January, and midterms are quickly approaching and you can’t stop worrying about the classes you struggle with. Instead of all your time studying, staying up late, binging on sugar and caffeine, you should keep yourself in a state that will keep you at the top of your game.
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Strategy 2: The Journey Method

  • This is when you associate well known landmarks on a journey to help you remember a list.

  • Ex: Say you are going to the grocery store and need to remember the list. You should associate each item on the list with a landmark on the way to the store.
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Strategy 3: Give your brain a workout

  • The exercises for your brain should do the following; teaches you something new and is challangeing, is a buildable skill and is rewarding.

  • Ex: Learning to speak a new language or play an instrument is a great way to hit all those points.
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Strategy 4: Relate information to things you already know

  • Relating complicated information to basic things you already know can help.

  • In many classes, new information is added to the old every day. Connecting information you just learned and might have a hard time understanding to something you learned before will help you link together ideas during a test.
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