The River of No Return

By Riley Jermier

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Max and Lola go into a hotel that has the Death Lords' home name on it. It is Hotel Xibalba. (ex-i-balb-a) It turns out it is a trap, and the story becomes a hunt for the white Jaguar Stone-a Mayan stone with mythical power.


In my story there are two big characters- Max and Lola. They go on lots of adventures and 99% of the time they do it together.



Mayan Society

The BIG Idea

They go into a trap set by the lords of death, a trap that convinced them they were in a normal hotel.

I Would Recommend This Book To You Because...

The River of No Return is jam-packed with adventure, excitement, suspense, and keeps you wondering about what happens next. But to understand this book even more, you should read the first two books. This book is for adventure lovers, action people, and people who like a good story to keep them on the edge of their seat.