The Wonder of Charlie Anne

By: Kimberly Newton Fusco


This book takes place on a farm with a barn and 2 cows.Also a chicken coop in the backyard. Behind the farm there is a river where her mother was buried when she died.This takes place during the Spring\summer in 1929 during The Great Depresion.


Charlie Anne is devastated when her father must go up north to build roads after the depresion hits. She and her sibilings are stuck with tere mean cousin, Mirabel, and a farm full of chores.The only thing she has now is her mothers grave by the river, where the memory of her mother is strongest. Then theere neighbor old Mr.Jolly brings home a new wife, Rosalyn, who shows up in pants the color of red peppers. With her arries Phoebe, a young african american girl who also lost her mother.Phoebe is smart fun and a perfect friend for Charlie Anne's lonely days. They build a great frienship but whenhayred turns in there town they almost cant bear.


Historical Event, The Great Depression

The Great Depression was a economic crash. The USA had no work and no money. The Great Depression was in 1929-1939.13 million to 15 million people became unemployed during this time period. The USA became very sad and lonesome.


I don't recommend this book if your not focused because it goes back and forth a lot between, dreams, thoughts, and real life. If your focused its a great book and very heart warming. Hope you enjoyed!!