Facts on the gold field 1850s au

by B.M D.J T.N

10 gold facts

fact 1. Compared to other metals, gold is much softer. One can beat 1 gram of gold to a 1 square meter sheet and light would shine through that sheet.

fact 2. Very few chemicals can attack gold, so that’s why it keeps it shine even when buried for 1000’s of years.

fact 3.A total of eighty-eight thousand tons of gold have been extracted from earth ever since. This means all the gold that has been dug up so far in history would, if melted, make a cube measuring approximately 25x25x25 meters.

fact 4.75% of all gold ever produced has been extracted since 1910; much of the gold mined throughout history is still in circulation in one form or another.

fact 5.Gold is very rare compared with diamonds.

fact 6.Gold is one of the heaviest metals in the world. For example, it is 19,3 times as heavy as water. One cubic meter weights some 19.300 kilogram.

fact 7.The biggest gold nugget that has ever been found weighed approximately 90 kilogram and was unearthed in Australia.

fact 8. Out of one ounce of gold (app. 31 gram) one can make a wire almost 100 kilometer long.

fact 9. The word Gold derives from the Old English word Gelo meaning yellow.

fact 10. The world's oceans hold a vast amount of gold, but in very low concentrations (perhaps 1-2 parts per 10 billion, which means every cubic kilometer of water contains 10 to 20 kg of gold).