The Recyclable A

By Fran and Tabbi

What is This?

We have designed a product for the Android Phone. This is an app which is called the Recyclable A. This app has been designed by us and engineered by Apple. It is not only a new environmentally friendly, multi touch app but a new idea to prevent greenhouse gases and help our world to be a better more safer place to live. Our app is designed to take in 55% of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and recycle it back into oxygen so that we can not only look after the environment, animals and the children but also not use as much energy. Therefore we wont have technology that ruins our world but doesn't give out smoke so that our people wont die of suffocation but breathe in a pure atmosphere and have better lifestyle.

How is it Made?

The App is designed by us and engineered by Apple. What makes our product so unique is that not only does it come with an Android phone but it is a new way to help change our world. In order for this experiment to work we have added additional compartments and made sure that we have a small pressuriser for the gases to be compressed and also manage to keep 50% of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide (so all of the greeenhouse gases) in the atmosphere so that plants and humans can still live and breathe the air. The gases are detected with a small sensor which is linked to the camera of your phone which helps to detect the bad gases, you also have the option if you don't want to believe in climate change and greenhouse gases you can turn off the detector to recycle the gases.

Is it Expensive?

No, this is not to expensive because it already comes with any new phone that you purchase which is android but also if you already have a phone you can download this application of your app store, widgets and purchase this application for only 65p but if you have purchased this app on the iphone before and you have linked another device with apple. As you know you can sync your apps on other devices to icloud so really it is simple, fast and very easy !
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How Can This Change Our World?

This can change our world by not only preventing greenhouse gases but by helping humans to live a better lifestyle. This application can not only come with any android phone and tablet but also if you buy a new phone it is already installed and if you go into you app store or widgets you can download the recyclable A application for only 65p and if you use an iphone you can use icloud to sync your other devices. The android phone comes with built in compartments with a sensor which is linked to the camera which detects bad gases which take in carbon dioxide and filter it out as oxygen. Also if you don't believe in helping the environment and preventing greenhouse gases then there is an option where you can turn off the sensor or just not buy the application.

Tabi and I believe that this application will not only help the world and prevent greenhouse gases but help humans. Because pollution can cause respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, throat inflammation, chest pain, and congestion.

Water pollution causes approximately 14,000 deaths per day, mostly due to contamination of drinking water by untreated sewage in developing countries.

Oil spills can cause skin irritations and rashes. Noise pollution induces hearing loss, high blood pressure, stress, and sleep disturbance, Mercury has been linked to developmental deficits in children and neurological symptoms.

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