October 2, 2020

HOCO 2020

Congratulations to this year’s homecoming court!

  • Grace Tinder and Sam Last

  • Kelley Large and Matt Baldwin

  • Sydnie Stadler and Max Frey

  • Amanda Dieringer and Brandon Harbison

  • Cami Miller and Ty Szczerbinski

  • Ally Clark and Cael Large

  • MCs - Lexi Kurlinski and Austin Wadkins

King and Queen will be announced during the grand march at the OZlympics!


Given the circumstances at hand, the senior class has opted to not host a traditional homecoming dance. In place of the dance, there will be OZlympics! The event will take place Friday October 9th from approximately 12 - 3 pm. The day will involve a variety of outdoor activities including kickball, dodgeball, bags, spikeball, inflatable obstacle course, and more! At this event, classes will compete against each other in the various events throughout the day in order to try and be the winning class. There will also be individual prizes for the bags tournament and some other funtivites! Tickets are $5 and are available in the HS office.

Student Guests are able to come to the OZlympics event on Friday with both parent's/guardian's permission. A Guest Form must be filled out and approved by Mr. Leach. The guest form can be found below. Just a note that this may be a school day for schools.

Get ready for some fun!

Homecoming week will also be celebrated with different events/themes happening each day along with a Pep Rally on Thursday. Even if the event has “outside” locations, we will have large numbers of students gathered and social distancing is NOT going to happen… please MASK UP for the events of the week.

See below for the daily schedule.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, because of COVID it has been decided to limit spectators to two per student for the Powder Puff and Macho Volleyball games on Wednesday Night and also for the Friday event from 12-3 pm. All other activities are limited to just the students.


We are having a great week thus far around here! Our Warrior Pride is as strong as ever. We have two events this week that parents have shown interest in attending: Macho Volleyball/Powderpuff Football and The OZlympics. For these events, safety and exposure mitigation measures will be taken. Parents who wish to attend should follow the Big East Conference "two per" rule.

The outdoor portions of these events will be held in the stadium and people should spread out, mask up, and socially distance while they enjoy Powderpuff. The OZlympics are being played on Friday in the stadium as well. Same rules would apply. For the indoor event, we will have a rotation of grade levels competing and when your student's team leaves, the fans should leave as well. Feel free to take pics and enjoy this amazing week of Homecoming weather!

Wednesday - 5pm to 7pm Macho Volleyball (Gym) and Powderpuff Football (Stadium)

Friday - OZlympics 12-3pm

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Homecoming Parent/Guardian Letter

Click on the button to see the letter emailed to Parents and Guardians.

Student Guest Permission Form

Student Guest Permission slip for the OZlympics event on Friday, Oct. 9th.

COVID Reminder

In the event your child or someone in your home is being tested for COVID, please keep your child home until test results are known. It is recommended that direct family members also stay home. Please notify the District Nurse of your results. Your child should engage in remote learning until a back to school date has been determined.

Per the Washington/Ozaukee Health Department

COVID-19 Symptoms

Click the button to see the symptoms of COVID-19

Here is the latest information from the CDC and Washington/Ozaukee Health Department related to isolation and quarantine timelines.

COVID-19 Quarantine & Isolation Timelines

Please Remember to Wash Your Masks Regularly

Click the button to see the CDC's recommendations.

Important Information from Lori Loof, District Nurse

State of WI Mandate Communication Letter for Parents/Guardians

Accommodation Request Form

Return the completed form to the District Office

This year will be a great year. Please honor the safety requests of the NOSD:

1. Mask Up

2. Wash your hands

3. Keep your distance

4. Stay to the right


  • October 5-9th - Homecoming Week
  • October 9 - No School Day for Staff and Students
  • October 19 - Picture Retake Day 8am - 10am

  • October 29 - Term 1 Ends

  • October 30 - No School Students Records day

  • November 25-27 Thanksgiving Break

  • December 24 thru January 1 Winter Break
  • January 4 -School Resumes
  • January 14 -Term 2 Ends
  • January 15- No School Records Day
  • May 23-Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2021
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WMBC Pumpkin Carving/Decorating Contest

Click on the button to submit your entry.


To give an update on spectators for upcoming games: Per Big East regulations all fall sports are limited to two spectators per athlete. These athletes were given their sports specific passes in the beginning of the season.

Remote Learning and Absences

This year, there is a need for some students to “remotely” learn given the CHOICE (made prior to school), SYMPTOMS of Covid, or ILLNESS (Covid or otherwise). Learning remotely is ONLY an option for those reasons. All students who work remotely MUST get the office approval prior to class.

If you have chosen the REMOTE learning options (prior to school starting) for the 1st quarter, you have been approved and do not need to let the office know your student is learning remotely. If your student is ill and will not be learning remotely on a given day you must report that to the office. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of class as if they were there in person.

If your student is having COVID symptoms or other illness symptoms, it is the responsibility of the PARENT/GUARDIAN of each student to communicate with the office at OHS. Here are the steps to requesting REMOTE access to learning for a student who is experiencing illness/symptoms of COVID:

-Call the HS office at 262-692-2453 to report the absence in the building by leaving a message on the voice machine prior to 7am or e-mail the high school office at jzausch@nosd.edu or mleach@nosd.edu to report the illness/request to learn remotely also prior to 7am.

  • Give name

  • Reason for absence (specific symptoms)

  • If you will be requesting remote learning for your child.

Additionally, it is then encouraged and preferred that your student email their teachers prior to 7 am to let them know they will be remote learning for the day. This allows teachers to be ready for students that are not normally remote learning by the start of class at 7:30 am.

Students are NOT allowed to “flip” back and forth from remote to in person learning at any time, UNLESS there is a documented illness. The reason for this is because it is hard to track who should attend with the online link versus who is physically in class. Students will be marked as UNEXCUSED ABSENCE if these steps are NOT followed.

Sanitizing IT Equipment

Disinfecting your Technology is Never a Bad Idea!

Chromebooks and Laptops

Step 1: Power off the device. You will be applying liquid solutions to your device, so powering it off is a must.

Step 2: Remove any accessories or plug-ins such as cases, USBs, and headphones. Once removed, cases can be separately disinfected with sanitizing wipes or spray.

Step 3: Clean the screen using a lightly damp Clorox Disinfecting Wipe. Wipes should not leave a liquid on your hands before using. Heavy amounts of disinfecting solution can damage the screen.

Step 4: Use a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to gently wipe the rest of your laptop or Chromebook, such as the display, keyboard, or other exterior surfaces.

Step 5: Wait for the alcohol solution to completely evaporate before turning your Chromebook back on.


Student Parking Permits are required to park on school property during the school day.

  • Students must have a parking permit to park on school grounds during the school day.

  • The cost for a Parking Permit is $90.00.

  • Registrations and any other prior fees must be paid before payment will be accepted for a Parking Permit.

  • A Parking Spot is a privilege.

  • The system will work the same as in the past where your student will have a permit number that corresponds with a numbered parking spot.

  • Please bring in the Color, Make, Model and License Plate number of the vehicle(s) you intend to park at school. All of this information is needed before a permit tag will be issued.

Click button to see Student Parking spots in the lot on the south side of campus

Student Pictures

Ozaukee High School students had their pictures taken on September 14th by NETWORK Photography. Those who did not pre-buy their photos will get a proof on the date the pre-ordered photos are delivered. You can then go on-line and order pictures from that proof.

Picture Retake Day is October 19 between 8am & 10am.

Here is some information about student photos.


If students have not been photographed this school year, please be prepared to have a photograph taken on re-take day. All students must be photographed. Portraits will be needed for our school’s data base.


If you want a re-take of your student’s original portrait, please return the original package in its entirety to the photographer on re-take day. A replacement package will be printed and delivered to the school with your student’s new image. If you did not purchase photos from the original picture day and want a re-take, please have the student’s picture taken.


If you would like to order school pictures for the first time, you can print and use the order form .pdf that is found below or obtain one from the school office. Just fill out the order form and bring it with you to re-take day.


If you do not order your student’s portrait on re-take day, you will still be able to order online for the entire school year. Approximately 3 weeks after the portrait is taken your student will bring home a proof form with their own secure private gallery password. Online orders get mailed directly to your home and will include a shipping charge of $4.50.


Re-take photos will be delivered to the school approximately three weeks after the re-take day.

Thank you!

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Ozaukee Face Masks-Round 2

Due to demand and the extension of the mask order the Booster Club is running another face mask sale with new designs.

Orders will be taken through Monday, Oct 5th, no later orders will be accepted. Masks will be delivered approx the end of Oct.

If you are interested you may order your masks here - https://fs7.formsite.com/bradycorp/ozmasks2/index.html

We recommended choosing the PayPal method and we will email you an invoice where you can pay by credit/debit card. Otherwise, you can pay by cash/check but all money must be turned into any of the OZ school offices NO LATER THAN Monday, Oct, 5th, or your order will not be placed. Please make sure the check (made out to Ozaukee Booster Club) or cash is in an envelope labeled "Ozaukee Booster Face Mask Sale" with your last name.

Any questions please let me know,

Thank You,
Michele Kowalkowski

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NOSD - Free Breakfast & Lunch Offerings

Click on the button to see the communication that was sent out to our NOSD families via email.

FREE Breakfast and Lunch Now Being Served

This is a reminder that there is a free breakfast and lunch served every school day in the Warrior Cafe.

Breakfast is now being served in the Warrior Cafe from 7 am to 7:25 am every school day.

We will now have an overlapping lunch in the high school to give everyone more space. Students will be given 30 minutes for lunch starting at 11:10 am or 11:25 am depending upon what group they are in.

Here is the link to our Food Service website where you can find menus, nutritional information along with other news and resources.

Northern Ozaukee Food Service

Sports Participation at Ozaukee High School

As we think about our new school year starting it means it is time to start getting our paperwork in to be able to play high school sports at Ozaukee. Below you will find the button "2020-21 OHS Athletics Participation Form" and "Activities & Athletics Waiver" which are the two forms that needs to be filled out and returned to the High School Office. If you need a physical there is a section on the participation form for the Dr. to fill out and sign. If you do not need a physical there is a section to be filled out by the parent/guardian to update information about health. The form gives you dates to know if a physical is needed or not. Family Access Skyward has a Health tab where you can check when your last physical was, if you turned it into the office to record.

Signing this form also indicates that you read and understand the Concussion Protocol for sports. Below is the informational reading material for both Parent/Guardian and Athlete.

Concussion ABC's Athlete

Concussion ABC's Parent/Guardian

You are also indicating that you read and understand the WIAA Athletic Eligibility for the 2020-21 season by signing the participation form.

WIAA Athletic Eligibility 2020-21

The waiver is a separate form that both student and parent will need to sign and return.

Athletic Fees

A $50 per sport athletic fee will be assigned to each athlete and will need to be paid before the student athlete can compete in the first game/meet of the sport they have joined. There is a maximum payment per school year of $100 per student. In other words, a student would have a fee assigned for their first two sports and then any other sports they joined the rest of that school year would not incur a fee.

Fitness Room Hours

Effective 8/1 Masks are required at all times while using the Fitness Center.

The Fitness Room will be open from 3pm to 6pm Monday and Thursday. A current Waiver must be on file before you can use the facility. There will be cleaning supplies made available in the Fitness Room for all who use it so that they may clean the equipment they use/touch.

We are also looking for more supervisors so that we can be open more days during the week. Please contact Andy McKee if you are interested.

NOSD Fitness Room Code of Conduct & Waiver Form

The Yearbook for 2019-2020 will be sent to print after the completion of Graduation and Prom. They will arrive sometime in October. Thank you for your patience but we felt we had the opportunity to tell the whole story of the year if we waited to publish after these major events were completed. If you have any questions, please contact Andy McKee at ohsyearbook@nosd.edu.

Contact Ozaukee High School

Michael Leach - Principal
Janet Zausch - Secretary

School Year Office Hours

7:00 am - 3:30 pm

Please leave a message or email Mrs. Zausch or Mr. Leach with any questions or concerns.

For more information about our District, High School, Middle School and Elementary School click on this link to take you to the NOSD Website.