From the Past to Now

Kirsten Aken's Life

From the Beginning

I was born on April 15th 1999, or Tax day. Everyone fall in love with me in a second. I lived with my dad and mom and my big sister Kelcie until my parents got a divorce. My mom got full custody. She got remarried when we moved to Kansas City, Mo. Later, I got two younger brothers, Keegan and Koehn. We live next to my grandma, Nana, and my aunt Caryn, Coocoo.
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My First Birthday

Home school to Public

I was in Kindergarten at St.Therese's but then my mom quit her job when she get remarried and start to home school me and my sister. I was home school from 1st grade to 5th grade. My sister was home school from 4th until high school. My aunt also home schooled her kids and sometimes we would have sessions together. But my mom felt like I was not getting enough education, so she decided to send me to public school when I was 11. Same goes with my aunt kids. I loved home school, but at one point I had to go to public school and I am glad that I started in 6th grade.
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First Day of public school-(left to right) Kelcie, Kirsten, Keegan, Koehn

First Time Swimming

The story of how I started swimming is interesting. My grandma had just moved to a new house just before I was born. And the house she just moved into had a pool. My mom would take me for a dip when I was just a few months old, and you could tell we loved the water. Me and my sister I loved the water and would never want to leave. When I reach 5 years old, my mom suggested that my sister and I try having lessons. And that's how it all started. I have been swimming since I was 5 years old and I am 15 now. So it's been 10 years of hard work, early mornings, late nights and long weekends.


Today, I am a sophomore in High School. I made the cut for State in the 100 breaststroke in the Swimming. State is in February. My sister is 20 and my brothers are now 10 and 9. I would not be the same person I am today without my siblings to help and support me no matter what happens.