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November 2012

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The HOLIDAYS are Here!

I love the Holiday Season! It's such a time for joy, fun, family and big-time sales for our businesses! I always take a little extra time for myself during this season to make sure that I keep my energy up and stay healthy!

Our November was a RECORD MONTH for the RockSTARS TEAM! As a team, we sold OVER $500,000 in retail. Think of all of the women we styled! INCREDIBLE! We were rocking out the Holiday Line and doing Trunk Shows GALORE! So proud of everyone and the goals you set and achieved (and then some!). We had loads of hard earned promotions to celebrate on our team which is always such a burst of excitement! Our RockSTAR Promotions are featured below. Please read what each Stylist says about getting to that next step with your business and implement those tips that speak to you!

I hope that everyone enjoys this Holiday Season to the fullest! I know that I will say an extra prayer of thanks for each of YOU! You all make this journey in life an extra special one! I am so, so grateful for the friendships that I have made along the way with Stella&Dot. Your stories, humor and positive attitudes are all so incredible and inspiring! Thank you for stepping out in total faith and joining our team! I love having each and every one of you along my journey!

Let's make DECEMBER unforgettable! Here is a GREAT article to read for DECEMBER! Platinum Director Lindsay Walsh shared it and I think it is one of the BEST articles to read for this time of year with your S&D Business: For all who read it and send me your most valuable tip learned, you will be entered into a drawing for BLING! Send me your tip by Friday 7th at 6pm. Drawing will be held Friday!




RockSTAR Promotions for November!

We had a record breaking month with sales and promotions! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the following Stylists.....


Robin Whittington STAR STYLIST

Arlene Reitter SR STYLIST


Kelley Codispoti SR STYLIST

Claudia Rands SR STYLIST

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Ashley Jones, STAR STYLIST

Ashley shared...."I quit my "real" job in IT 3 years ago to stay at home full-time with my now 4 and 6 year old. I signed up with Stella & Dot in January 2011 after seeing it for the first time at a vendor fair. I never imagined I could have something like this in my life - a job that is flexible, fun, and doesn't feel like WORK! My first tip is to stay totally open-minded to where this opportunity can take you. I started out thinking I could never sell anything, to thinking I could maybe sell THIS – but only to family and friends. Then thinking, ok I’ll sell to “strangers”, but I’m certainly not going to be one of those stylists that sponsors anyone! Now, I have a fabulous team of women and new friends that I never expected, but absolutely love!! My second tip is this business is full of daily/monthly/quarterly ups and downs, but just being diligent and sticking with it through those ups and downs is half the battle – and over time your consistent effort will pay off!"
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Robin Whittington, STAR STYLIST

Robin's biggest tip is "keep expanding your "who do you know" list. I'm always amazed at how many new women I meet that would be perfect customers, hostesses or even Stylists. Think outside of your core group of girlfriends, you know more people than you think!" Then REACH OUT to them to chat about becoming a stylist! Meet for coffee or schedule a time to chat by phone! Robin sponsored 5 fabulous, new Stylists over the last few months and jumped to SR and STAR over 60 days!
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Arlene Reitter, SR STYLIST

Arlene was laid off in August 2011 from a fundraising consulting firm. She joined S&D as a Stylist and has sponsored many new Stylists since she joined on. "I am not a shy person, but was very hesitant about asking people to host Trunk Shows and was positive I didn't know anyone who would want to be a Stylist (I wasn't even sure how to be a Stylist, after all, because I had just started). When I did ask people to host, people happily said 'yes!' and several people I have shared the opportunity with have joined my Team! So exciting!" Arlene's advice is don't be afraid to share with everyone you know! It's never too early to Sponsor! You will be amazed at the reception!
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Kim Powers, Sr Stylist

Kim said "My tip would be that when things get tough to always remember why you signed up with Stella and Dot. For me, I truly believe in the women that make up this company and the good that it does both for the stylists and the customers. When I have a bad trunk show, or I doubt my ability, I always go back to this and know that I have the support I need to be successful!"
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Kelley Codispoti, SR STYLIST

Kelley's biggest tip is "set a goal and share it with everyone close to you. And most importantly, don't give up until you know you've done everything possible to try and achieve it. I thought I wouldnt even qualify last month, but I was determined to give it everything. Also, encourage your team by giving them incentives and always cheering them on. This makes a big difference!"
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Claudia Rands, SR STYLIST

Claudia's biggest advice/tip is "to follow the training that is at our finger tips! Go by the book! Less thinking, more doing is what I believe helped me! And, it's really important that you don't take 'no's'personally. Move on and find that 'yes!'"

TOP IN SALES for the RockSTARS for November!

#1 Cindy Rhodehamel $10,433

#2 Barb Fogel $9,360

#3 Melissa Order $8,875

#4 Darleen Kaplan $7,904

#5 Mindy Foley $7,869

#6 Lori Magana $7,622

#7 Michelle Wiegman $7,807

#8 Joan Streck $6,624

#9 Ashley Jones $6,441

#10 Tricia Boleky $6,415

TOP IN SPONSORING for the RockSTARS for November!

#1 Robin Whittington with 3 qualified Stylists!

#2 AShley Jones 2 qualified Stylists

#3 Sally Neff 2 qualified Stylists

#4 Tara Lucas 2 qualified Stylists

Congratulations to these Stylists that all Qualified a Stylist in November.....

Valerie Buher

Kelie Ernst

Susan Pelley

Michelle Wiegman

Kristen Alcox

Denise Chambers

Cara Cloyd

Jo Downey

Claire Ehrman

LIz Ferrante

Tricia Frank

Krista Greathouse

Melissa Orders

Joan Streck

Summer Wiedenbein

Kelley Codispoti

Nicole Cuffari

Morgan Flinner

Elizabeth Harris

Kim Powers

Arlene Reitter

Lindsay Remley

Lisa Simmons

Susie Bibler

Jonelle Flowers

Barb Fogel

Alexa Dunn

New Stylist JumpStart Earners!

WOW! Look at all of this FREE JEWELRY being earned from our team of New Stylists! Way to maximize your JumpStart Period!

Susie Bibler $1,150

Lisa Simmons $850

Nicole Cuffari $600

Jennifer Friedman $600

Tabitha Lair $600

Angie Mahl $600

Abbi Rittman $450

Katie Armstrong $450

Courtney Lohri $450

Kendra Stephens $450

Jen Hyden $450

Elise Danh $450

Kristen Grudzien $450

Leslie Vesha $450

Nina Lafferty $450

Kerry Rogers $300

Julia Boyer $300

Lyndsay Theibert $300

Lauren Brown $300

Melany Aylor $300

Sarah Peters $300

Allie Cosgrove $300

Paula McDonald $300

Maria Cuffari $300

Gwen Ogle $300

Sarah Peters $300

Kris Buchheit $300

Laura Maxwell $300

JoMarie Silvidi $300

Lauren Fine-Brandao $300

Annie Martin $300

Charmaine Logan $200

Jody Dierksheide $150

Meaghann Clayton $150

Kelly Yoh $150

DECEMBER Dot Dollars are here!

Dot Dollars are here! For the month of December, your customers can earn $25 in Dot Dollars for every $50 they spend! They will be sent their Dot Dollar Redeption Code BY EMAIL on January 3rd to use from Jan 3-10th. In January, for every $50 they spend, they can use one Dot Dollar ($25). BE SURE TO GET EMAIL ADDRESSES FOR EACH ORDER IN DECEMBER! Watch this video and read the pdf in S&D Lounge to learn more!
Dot Dollars: It Pays To Shop! | Stella & Dot


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WELCOME Elizabeth Rees Neff born November 4th, 2012

So excited to announce Star Stylist Sally Neff has a new baby GIRL! Welcome Baby Rees!
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WELCOME Jack William Ernst born November 28, 2012

Welcome to baby Jack! Star Stylist Kelie Ernst said this will be the one and only time he will ever be in Stella & Dot! Lol:)


See you in January at our New Line, New Year, New Goal ALL STYLIST Soiree! Click here to register before the Holidays hit: