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My name is Kara, in seventh grade and I want to introduce you to a little bit about of what I learned in this class!
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A blast from the past- 1960's

The 1960's was a great era. Lots of things were in style like the box hat, which you see above Jaqueline Kennedy. There were plenty of different hairstyles like the "Beehive" or the "Afro". once it got in the late 60's it turned in to the hippy era and Bellbottom jeans were in style but there was a lot of fads in this era but still a great one.
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sketching and design!

One of my favorite projects from sketching and design was floor plans we got to take the roof off of our house and make our own dream home. Another favorite of mine was when we got to sketch a outfit of a era mine was the 1960's so I made an outfit about that. But sketching and design is mostly about sketching and designing your own stuff.
How to thread a Bernina Sewing Machine

Sewing Construction

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Interior Design

Interior design was mostly about color, how they made you feel, and make the room feel like it has lots of space. Interior Design means the style or design you add to a room. The elements of design is lots of things like color, shape, texture, or lighting.
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Advertising and Marketing

Advertising and marketing is fun. We got to learn how to make the product then make a poster on how to sell it. We told how its good, why you should buy it, comparisons, a catchy tune that people remember so they will but your product, and sometimes a little warning at the bottom that most people don't see. Overall advertising and marketing was fun.

One Handy-Dandy Tip!

Don't Forget to tie your know when sewing, hand or machine!
Hand Sewing Stitches : Secure a Knot & Tie Off Thread

Another fun way to know how-to make a knot and tie it off!

I thought this was a fun video on how to tie a different knot and tie it off. There is plenty of different ways to do but it never hurts to learn another way (this was the way I learned).

Random Fact of the day!

There are two different ways to sew on a button!