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We, the Long Creek school community, are committed to promoting academic excellence while developing leaders of tomorrow through the creation of a nurturing, yet challenging and innovative learning environment.

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Mustang School-wide Shout Outs:

  • THANKING Everyone for a smooth testing session and for your flexibility!!!!
  • Great Promotion Ceremony Pre-K!!!
  • If you see Mr. Lightle, one of our Kinder parents, please express a warm thanks for driving on many field trips and for keeping the marquee up and current!! He has been so valuable to our school this year!!!

Sending Happy Birthday Wishes Out!!!!


1st: Ms. Arrieta
8th: Ms. Bilsky
22nd: Ms. Campbell
23rd: Ms. Hill

Ignite - Inspire - Empower

Morning News

If you are having trouble viewing the morning news, please follow the directions below!!

1. Click on this link.
2. Log in using your school email as user name and your computer log in password.
3. Click on Modules.

4. Click on Camera.

5. Then, Click on school news.

6. You can save it/bookmark it to your Toolbar on Google as Morning News.


News from Alexander

  • Fred Carr lunch is rescheduled for Monday June 4th due to testing
  • Please see me if you have questions about the EOY Checklist
  • Please feel free to wear your jean this week!!
  • Students will have personality days this week due to the many activities scheduled.

News from Ms. Anderson


EOG Administration Dates:

Wednesday, June 6-RtA Assessment


  • Textbooks will be counted on June 4, 2018. Textbooks and calculators should be placed on the shelves beside your sink. You will receive an email listing all the books that will be counted before June 4th.


  • Mustang Mistakes should be promptly entered into the Google Form per the Behavior Committee. Make sure that parents are being contacted regarding the Mustang Mistake.

News from Ms. Nock

  • Please sign in daily.
  • · Please remember to fill out a request for absence form when you will be out.

News from front office

  • Please turn in parent absence excuse notes/emails/texts to the office.

News from Ms. Phillips

  • We finally got a 2018 EOY Cum Folder Checklist. Please click here for the updated EOY Cum folder checklist. I will place a copy of it in your mailbox on Monday. I will also be sending out a sign up genius to sign up for Cum Folder checks for Monday, June 11th.

    • K-3 teachers I will print out Reading 3D Summary reports for CUM folders and report cards. I will place them in your mailbox.
    • Elementary Literacy Instructional Guides AKA Scope & Sequence - The digital launch of Quarter 1 of the Elem Lit Instructional Guides on Friday June 8. Digital Launch will include: Year at a Glance, Matrix, Unit Overview & Resource Page, Unpacking Standards & In the Classroom Pages, K-2 Rubrics, Performance Tasks, and Grades 3-5 Assessments. Coming at the end of June will be Quarter 1 mini-lessons, playlists/pathway examples, planning calendar examples, K-2 authentic assessments, and Launching Literacy Unit. Click on the following link to see the Digital launch of 2018-19 K-5 Matrices
  • ELA Revised Standard Resources
    • As you know, starting next year there will be revised ELA NCSCOS. There are three (3) self-paced canvas courses from DPI that you may access to learn more. Click here to access them!
2018 Summer Professional Learning (PD) - Elementary Literacy Department Reading Credit, review the courses available online here.


Counseling News from Ms. Newton

I hope everyone were able to find the referral form for services. If not I sent it again last week and additionally you can find the form on google. Second, I want to clear up the service that is provided. The relationship with school counseling service is a counselor student relationship. Most of the time the counselor is working directly with the student to achieve desired outcomes. The counselor assist the student in recognizing strengths and weakness. Once the student is aware of possible short comings then the counselor helps the student come up with ways to deal with or address issues. Many times the counselor does not meet with teachers and discuss strategies because the strategies discussed are with the student not the teacher. If the teacher is in need of strategies to work through behavior concerns then the teacher will need to follow the MTSS process. This process is a team approach to address behaviors that teacher are in need of assistance with. So if you have behavior concerns that are at the point where additional strategies are needed then this would need to go through the MTSS process. Lastly, I have the second step kit for each grade level. If you would like to check out the kit please see me.

Schedule for this week


Monday June 4 (No Day)

  • Pre-K-2 Field Day (9-10:30)
  • Fred Carr @ 11:30

Tuesday June 5 (No Day)

  • Field Day 3-5 (9-11:30)
  • 2nd Grade EOY Party

Wednesday June 6 (No Day)

  • Kinder, 1st and 4th EOY Party

Thursday June 7 (No Day)

  • Kickball Game
  • 3rd and 5th EOY Party

Friday June 8 (No Day)

  • Happy Friday!!
  • 5th Promotion Ceremony @ 9