Sports Nutritionist

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Occupation and Description

Sports Nutritionist generally asses clients based off their lifestyle, eating habits, exercise, training schedule and use of supplements and medications. They set short and long term goals for clients based off their evaluation to achieve their athletic goal. Sports Nutritionist set up meal plans to help them keep tract on their goal as well. Other typical duties of a Sports Nutritionist include supplement consultations, body compositions and medical nutrition therapy. Unlike general Nutritionist, Sports Nutritionist come up with a meal plan for athletes to increase stamana and endurance.
Sports and Fitness Nutrition: Job Description

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Certifications Necessary to Practice

Sports Nutritionists can being their career after receiving their Bachelors degree in Sports Nutrition or a related program. Many states require Sports Nutritionist to have their licenses, in order to receive their licenses they have to go to several internships and take an exam. They must go through series of training and should but it is not required to have a sports nutrition certificate.

Sports Nutrition Certification

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Daily Activities

On a day to day basis, Sports Nutritionist typically custumize meal plans for athletes based on short and long term goals. Also they test body composition testing, supplement consolations, medical nutrition therapy, and metabolic rate testing.

Education Requirements

Education requirements of a Sports Nutritionist consist of the following, a Bachelors or masters degree in dietetics, food and nutrition or a closely related field. A sports nutritionist would spend time in psychology, chemistry, nutrition and wellness classes.

Sports Nutrition Certification

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As a sports nutritionist it is unlikely that there will be a wage or salary. Most Sports Nutritionist you typically get paid based off hourly wages, most of them usually work for themselves in a private practice, so the amount of money they get paid can change and be up to the person. As of 2011 the consult rates can vary from $80 to $150 an hour.

What Skills are Necessary?

To be a Sports Nutritionists it is important to have skills in writing and communicating as well as your chemistry and nutrition. Sports Nutritionist often talk to clients about their personal goals so having good communication skills is necessary. However Sports Nutritionist also have to be able to do other things as well like perform anthropometry testing.

Career as a Sports Dietician

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Practice Settings

Sports Nutritionists can be found in a clinical setting, like a hospital or they could be found in a office setting, where clients come to them to get their consultations. Sports Nutritionists have a very hands on job, so one day they can be found in an office and the other day they could be found on a football field with a client.

Career as a Sports Dietitian

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3 Fun Facts

One fun fact about a sports nutritionist is that there is a large amount of them that also get their degree in Journalism as well to help them with this career. Another fun fact is that athletes on the professional level burn almost twice the amount of calories as a regular person. The third fun fact that i found was the top percentile of sports nutritionist typically make 62,000 a year.

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