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Did you know that Typhus has killed tons of people? Typhus is a disease caused by bacteria. There are many symptoms and facts about Typhus. In my article, you will learn about Typhus and the many symptoms of this horrible disease.

What is Typhus?

You may have never known about this disease, but you are going to learn about it in this paragraph. Typhus is a disease caused by bacteria also known as the Rickettsiales. This disease may be given from person to person or from an animal to people by lice, mites, ticks... Also, Typhus killed more than 3 million people in Russia. This fact relates to the story Letters from Rifka. Don't be worried about this disease because we do not have this disease here.
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What are some symptoms of Typhus?

There are many horrible symptoms of Typhus. Some of these symptoms are headaches, skin rash, and trouble breathing. Some patients can have a fever over 104 degrees and then drop down after a couple of days. They can also itch themselves so bad and cause themselves to bleed. Now we know some symptoms of this horrible disease Typhus.
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Now you've learned about this contagious disease and its terrible symptoms. So, if you don't want this disease stay clean, and avoid places where Typhus may have been.

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