Willemstad Daily

By Aidan White

Phillips interveiw

WD: Why did your mom want to leave the island?
P: She thought it was dangerous because of the war.

WD: Why do you think they torpedoed the ship?
P: I think it was because they thought there was oil on board.

WD: How did you end up on the raft?
P: I don't know. I was hit on the head while trying to get on the raft. Then, I woke up on a raft with a black guy and a cat.

WD: How did you survive alone on the raft with the guy?
P: His name was Timothy. He had a tin with biscuits, matches, and chocolate and a keg of water.

WD: So, how did you react when you went blind?
P: I went all crazy like, "I'm blind! I'm blind!"

WD: How did you get to the island?
P: We drifted with the sea and we saw an island and decided to go.

WD: How did you survive on the island?
P: Timothy taught me how to fish, weave, make a fire, and walk around the island.

WD: So how did Timothy die?
P: When the hurricane struck the island, Timothy tried to protect me with his body and he died trying to save me.

WD: What did you do with his body?
P: I dug a grave by myself and buried him.

WD: How were you saved?
P: At first when I hear an aircraft, I lit a fire but nothing happened so I thought the fire didn't make any smoke so I burned sea grapes to make black smoke.

WD: What happened to you after you were saved from the island?
P: They took me to a hospital and started surgery on my eyes because the thing that hit me damaged some nerves making me go blind.

WD: How did you feel about being lost on the island?
P: I felt like I wasn't going to get rescued because Timothy said that we were in the Devil's Mouth, surrounded by coral where no big ships could get through.



Timothy was an old man but strong and brave. His job was a deck hand, and he is from Chaoltte Amalie. He died Because of the hurricane that hit the island. He saved a young boy named Phillip who went blind while with him. He died a hero using his body to protect Phillip from the hurricane. He showed him how to fish, weave, and navigate around the island. Timothy was a very wise man. Phillip relied on Timothy and of course Timothy helped Phillip the whole time on the island because he was blind. Phillip was nice enough to dig Timothy a grave and bury him.


Location:Hato Airport - Curacao

Temperature:88 °F

Comfort Level:96 °F

Dew point:73 °F

Pressure:29.95 "Hg


Wind:18 mph from 110° East-southeast

Last update:Wed 11:00 AM AST

World War 2

On August 7, 1942, U.S. troops landed on Guadalcanal and Tulagi and seized control of Japanese-occupied territory for the first time.

August 11

August: As many as 400,000 Jews will be murdered in occupied Europe during this month alone.

August 1: In an attempt to conserve oil for the war effort, President Franklin Roosevelt asks residents of the coal-rich states in.

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