By Natalia Salgado


The students where able to observe, compare and contrast different arthropod's interior and exterior parts.

Background Information (Grasshopper)

Scientific name: Caelifera

Habitat: Fields and Meadows

Predators: Bee Flies, Blister beetles, Scelionid wasps, Ground beetles, Skunks, Shrews, Moles, Salamanders, Toads, Snakes

Prey: Plants, grasses, leaves

Niche: Primary

Ecological Adaptations: Powerful legs to jump

Background Information (Butterfly)

Scientific name: Rhopalocera

Habitat: Sunny places without usual strong gusts of wind

Predators: Wasps, Ants, Parasitic Flies, Birds, Snakes, Toads, Rats, Lizards, Dragonflies, Monkeys, Frogs and Spiders

Prey: Nectar from Flowers, Tree Sap, Rotting Fruit, Dung and Rotting flesh

Niche: Primary or Secondary

Ecological Adaptations: The colors on their wings

Background Information (Crab)

Scientific name: Brachyura

Habitat: Near the ocean, Beaches

Predators: Octopie, Dig Fish, Otters, Sea Turtles, Scullions

Prey: Algae, Clams, Fish

Niche: Primary and Secondary

Ecological Adaptations: Huge Pinchers

Different Arthropods


The epidermis is mostly composed of chitin inside of protein. The epidermis is tough and is located on a basement membrane for most insects. The epicuticle is the outermost waxy layer of the arthropod exoskeleton. Chitin is high-molecular-weight that has amino groups and is hard. The exoskeleton is hard because it is hardened by biomineralization. Cuticles are underneath the epidermis and are made of chitin. Exocutucles are made up of chemically hardened proteins and chitin while Endocuticles contain the same contents but their proteins aren't hardened.

Arthropod Facts

Arthropods consist around 90% of the kingdom Animalia

The most distinguishable characteristics of arthropods are:

An Exoskeleton

Jointed legs and appendages

Bilateral symmetry

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