Job of the Overseer

By: Mariah Rowland


The purpose of the overseer was for providing for the congregation a ministry of helping the congregation to develop vision for life and ministry, advising the pastors and the congregation, serving as pastor to the pastors, and developing wholesome relationships within the congregation and with CMC
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General Duties

The overseer relates to the congregation and its leadership with a frequency and in settings effective for the above stated purposes. He is available to the leadership and the congregation through visits in person and by other communication. He may be contacted at any time by the congregation's leadership for counsel and by members of the congregation for expression of concerns and questions. Visits and other contacts may be initiated by congregational leadership or by the overseer.
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Specific Duties

Receiving periodic or frequent information from the congregation. This can include items such as church bulletins or newsletters and receiving regularly minutes of the congregational leadership meetings. Providing leadership in congregational decisions concerning the leadership of the congregation, such as selection of pastor or member of a pastoral team, licensure or ordination, and issues or situations of tension and controversy within the congregation. Developing and writing, at the beginning of each oversight term, a memo of understanding that spells out in greater detail the specifics of each of the above three points, including who (pastor, overseer, or other congregational leadership team member) initiates the above types and times of contact. The congregation is encouraged to reimburse the travel costs of the overseer. Consideration should also be given for remuneration for time given to oversight work by the overseer.
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