TOY Student Recommendations

From students through all my years at Richland

“It’s a pleasure to write this recommendation letter for Ms. Harty. She has been my AP World History teacher, and my first AP teacher of my education career. As it is everyone’s first AP class, everyone was nervous and a bit scared, but Ms. Harty was always there for her students and helped them through the whole year. She never wasted a day, everything that we learned and all the activities we did were for our own food and in the end helped us remember the historical events more. She always found ways to add a fun twist to the projects that we did, making us forget that is was work. Ms. Harty has been super organized throughout the whole year, which helped her students a lot. Whether it be her having the whole six weeks already planned so that there were never any surprises and everyone could plan their homework and extra-curricular activities around our assignments and tests that we had in her class. Or if it was her organizing all of our notes so that once the AP exam came and everyone started freaking out, they knew exactly where to go and what to study. Ms. Harty would always encourage all of her students, and never made them feel bad or dumb about their work. She was always there to help us with any and every question that we had for her, and she would simplify and find the best way to explain the material to us that we would fully understand it. She cared about truly learning, making us do many different types of activities because she knew that everyone learned differently, and not the same thing helped everyone out. I have learned a lot from Ms. Harty this year, not only about the entire history of the world, but also valuable life lessons, and for that I’m grateful to have had her as a teacher this year.” America Quistiano, student 2014-2015.

“When it comes to school, though teaching is the highest priority it’s not about the subject, it’s about the student. Ms. Harty kept true to this in both years I was under her tutelage by going beyond just explaining how to pass the test. She taught me how to experience the knowledge and use it to succeed far past the years of high school.”- Tony Vance, student 2012-2014.

“Not only does Ms. Harty go above and beyond in all her lessons, she is a person of compassion and is downright hilarious. Her love for teaching shines through in all she does, making all your experiences in her class memorable.” – Sydney Baer, student 2013-2016.

“AP World was my favorite class that I’ve ever taken because although the work was really hard it was mad easy and comprehensible because of the exciting and interactive learning and teaching from Ms. Harty. (aw). The mixture of fun projects and tests and quizzes were able to prepare your for college and other AP courses, making it a great first AP course. I was able to make a 5, not necessarily because of my own studying but because of the way Ms. Harty presented the material. The way that she’s able to relate to the student rather than using really large words that no one knows, she simplifies it while still getting the point across.”- Abby Key, student 2014-2016

"Ms. Harty was my 1st period teacher two years ago and her impressive teaching style still sticks with me today. She had a way of challenging us and waking us up without annoying us easily annoyed teenagers. Her lesson plans proved well thought out design on an everyday basis. She made interaction and hands on learning a priority. But what stood above the rest was Ms. Harty's ability to transport her students into the time period they were learning about. At times, her presentations and impersonations, made me feel like I knew exactly how it felt to live in the Roaring Twenties or the Great Depression. I, as well as most students, have the tendency to zone out while learning facts about the past, but Ms. Harty made that impossible. Almost everything I know about history, I credit to her class."- Rachel Jefferies, student 2013-2014

“When it comes to an AP class many people may begin to sweat or get a stomach ache, which is how I felt at the beginning of the year, but by the second day of school I knew that I would survive. I’ve made it this far with the unfailing guidance and care of Ms. Harty. HARTIZARD for life. I can’t think of anyone that knows more about anything, that is why she is most cut out for teaching AP World History and furthermore, teacher of the year.”- Wayde Baccus, student 2015-2016

"Although I never had Harty has an academic teacher, she was my student council sponsor and she was fabulous at it. The students in StuCo got to see behind the scenes of the real Harty. To stay that she works hard is an understatement. Harty goes above and beyond to teach her kids thoroughly what they need to know for their big exam at the end of the year. If a student who didn't even have her as a teacher could see this, then she must be doing something right." - Brooke Hubbard, student 2014-2015
"Ms. Harty is a phenomenal teacher. She gave us so many life lessons through our leadership positions in Student Council, and I am still able to apply some of them now in college! She is passionate not only for the subjects that she teaches, but also for the students she teaches. These days it's hard to find someone who is that passionate every time he/she steps into the classroom. Mrs. Harty is that teacher. It's truly amazing!" - Austin Jones, student 2014-2015
"Ms. Harty is both an amazing teacher and mentor. Even though she was never my actual teacher in high school, she mentored myself and my fellow student council officers everyday as our student council sponsor. We got to truly know her as a person and saw how invested she is in teaching her students not only what they need to know, but go above and beyond to make sure they succeed in their futures. She spends countless time making sure her lesson plans are the most engaging and fun for her students while teaching them effectively. Not to mention, we all learned more than we thought we ever would in student council, solely because of Ms. Harty." Emily Whitworth, student 2014-2015

“I recommend Ms. Harty, she has been my AP World History teacher this year. She is very enthusiastic when she is teaching making the class engaging while still providing us with the content that we needed to be prepared for our exam. She has great communication with her students, and engages with them very well. I really appreciate how she simplifies the content so that it is easier to grasp as well as the fact that she stays after school every day and is there to answer our questions. I appreciate the fact that she is very organized it makes class less stressful when you know exactly what you’re doing and there are no surprises. Overall she is a great teacher and I am very glad I had her this year. I feel like she not only prepared incredibly well for my AP exam, but was also a very kind person, and she is really funny.”- Jeny Cruz, student 2014-2015.

“Miss Harty has a true passion for teaching ... especially world history! She loves her students and gives so much time and dedication to each individual one. I know I couldn't have completed the AP exam as well as I did if I didn't have her along the way. She is a true inspiration for me to continue my education to the best of my ability.” Ashley Dickerson, student 2014-2015.

"You would do anything for us. Your (sic) really always there to talk to or to help us with homework no matter what subject. You never yelled or raised your voice. You made learning really fun and interesting. " - Nicole Webb, student 2012-2013